Hello sweet friends!!!

My name is Jillian and I’m just gonna be really honest with you.

I hate writing bios.

They feel awkward for some reason. I sit down to my computer knowing exactly who I am and who I want to continue to become, I open up this page to start writing this bio, and it’s like I freeze and feel like a complete stranger to myself. WHO AM I?


So instead of trying to make this sound super professional and perfectly written. Let’s sit with coffee (yes, Starbucks please) and just talk.

If you were to ask me about myself:

I’d say: My name is Jillian and I’m newly in my 30’s. I love this season of my life. I am married to my Bible College sweetheart and we have been blessed with 5 awesome children. 3 of those babies never made it in my arms but my little squad is waiting in Heaven for us. My 2 precious girls that we have been blessed to give birth to are my everything after Jesus and then my husband. I love my little family and really feel honored to be a mom.

I am an ENFP. I grew up doing theatre and making home movies every chance I got. I LOVE big! I laugh loudly and often. I love old classical movies and vanilla coke. I have a *weird to others, normal to me* obsession with the band My Chemical Romance. I can sit and watch “The Office” over and over, still laughing like it’s the first time. I love simplicity. Starbucks feels like home to me.

If you were to ask what this website/my ministry is all about:

I’d say: Not to go all Sunday school on you but the answer is JESUS.

I gave my life to Him when I was 11 and then dedicated my life to the ministry when I was 15 years old. I have a love for networking, the blogging world, being a social media entrepreneur, and creating content. I have felt since 2009 that God has been leading me to use those loves for His glory.

I have had many blogs in the past but it all comes down to the same subject. I am passionate about women being uniquely true to who God created and designed them to be. Mix that with my favorite verse (John 10:10) and you’ve got SHE LIVES VINTAGE. I love style. I’m very girly and take appreciation in the loveliness of life. The one thing that NEVER goes out of style is God’s Word. I am drawn to writing and podcasting devotionals and so that’s what this is all about.

I’m on this journey too. I want my life to be one that I live to the fullest. I want the brokenness of my past to be used as something beautiful by God. I want an abundant life. That’s what Jesus wants for all of us.

INSTAGRAM is my blog.

I love sharing faith + lifestyle photos with tips and encouragement to help anyone reading them.

I PODCAST every Tuesday, going deeper, to go along with encouraging others to live abundantly!!!

I can be contacted at