Thank you for being here. I am so happy to have you.

I don’t like being so serious but when you’re running a blog, there are a few things you have to say apparently and so let’s get through this friends. 😉

  1. THIS IS A BLOG. A blog differs from a website. All content is my own and I own it (unless otherwise stated). DO NOT COPY OR USE ANY POSTS OR PICTURES THAT DO NOT BELONG TO YOU OR THAT YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED WRITTEN PERMISSION TO USE FROM MYSELF, Jill Lancour, Owner & Writer of SHE LIVES VINTAGE. I will exercise any and all legal pursuits if these rules are not followed. My blog has ever changing content. As a blogger, I’m entitled to change my opinion and use this space to share my thoughts and reviews.
  2. ALL OPINIONS ARE MINE. Again, this is a personal blog and my opinions do not represent any one else or any organization other than myself. If I am reviewing a product/brand/business I will do my best to give my honest thoughts and feedback.
  3. I AM A CHRISTIAN AND BELIEVE THE WORD OF GOD IS 100% TRUTH AND WITHOUT ERROR. This blog is for everyone and I pray that people from all walks of life can receive encouragement from it. I am however blogging from a Christian perspective. If I quote a Scripture, that no longer is my opinion, but the absolute truth and word of God. I will not apologize for what the Bible says on any topic. I am open to discussion on interpretation but that’s better done one on one. 🙂
  4. I AM HUMAN AND NEED GRACE. Any information I provide on this blog is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. But I am very capable of making errors and mistakes.
  5. THIS BLOG IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT/GROWTH PURPOSES. I am not a counselor or a therapist. Any advice I give is coming more from a friend to another friend, yes you. The info I present is for entertainment/encouragement/informational purposes only. FOLLOW AT YOUR OWN RISK. 😉
  6. CHANGE. I reserve the right to change how I manage and run my blog.
  7. MONEY. I run google ads on the sidebars of my blog and those are allowing me to make money through this site. I also may work with different brands and affiliate with them in order to make an income through blogging. I love that we all have the same opportunities to make money through this amazing craft and I appreciate you all supporting mine.
  8. PHOTOS. 99% of the photos used on this blog/social media are my personal pictures. the 1% would be stock images that have been purchased legally. DO NOT STEAL PHOTOS AND CLAIM THEM AS YOUR OWN. ALL PHOTOS ON SHE LIVES VINTAGE SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS (INSTAGRAM) BELONG TO SHE LIVES VINTAGE, property of Jillian Lancour. Do NOT use any images without crediting @SheLivesVintage properly or without receiving written permission first. Failure to do so will result in legal action being taken.
  9. LETS HAVE FUN!!! Let’s be kind to one another, grow together, and have fun. No need to get legally serious if we keep it friendly and supportive.