Hello you. My name is Jillian and I am the girl behind the blog and podcast.

She Lives Vintage has taken a few turns but the main focus has stayed the same: Inspiring women to feel empowered in their lives. The word “vintage” in my brand name means a few things but it firstly comes from me living for the most vintage being out there and that’s The Lord. He never goes out of style. 😉 

I take God’s word very seriously and my favorite verse is John 10:10.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

We’re all here for a specific purpose. When God was creating you in your mother’s womb, He looked into your future and saw the woman you’d become. If you seek Him and that unique purpose for your life, magical things can happen. Things that have an eternal impact.

That purpose makes me excited!

This is not a blog only for the women with their own businesses or brands. This blog, my passion, is to encourage every woman in their specific calling. Mom, College Student, CEO, Author, Customer Service Associate , Entrepreneur, Wife. Whoever you are and Whatever your calling, there is no job too small for God’s kingdom. Jesus paid the price for you to experience an abundant life.

I want to encourage you to SHOW UP for your life, daily, with boldness and in style. NO MATTER if you’re running a six figure business or if you’re running around chasing toddlers, you’re so valuable and you have permission to create a life you love. (JN10:10)

My background is in theatre and Christian life coaching. I’ve been in the blogging world since 2009 and have helped other bloggers, authors, and entrepreneurs with their websites and social media.

In May of 2017, after experiencing my third miscarriage, I decided to stop wasting my own life and time. I was just coasting. But I had a dream and decided to just go all in. In other words, I heard God’s calling on my life and I decided to be obedient to that calling.

So here we are. 

A little more about me:

I am married to my Bible College sweetheart and we have been blessed with 2 precious girls. I love my little family and really feel honored to be a mom.

I am an ENFP. I grew up doing theatre and making home movies every chance I got. I LOVE big! I laugh loudly and often. I love old classical movies and vanilla coke. I’m very girly. I have a *weird to others, normal to me* obsession with the band My Chemical Romance. I can sit and watch “The Office” over and over, still laughing like it’s the first time. I love simplicity. Thrift store shopping is the best! Starbucks feels like home to me.

I am a full-time homeschooling mama, a full time brand stylist, and an independent contractor working with different companies. I am also a part-time writer. In April 2017, my first devotional was published. It’s available on Amazon. I’d love to write more in the future.

Check out the WRITERS BLOCK PARTY podcast. 

I am on this journey too. I want to create a life that not only makes me proud but is exactly what God designed for me. I believe in putting your best foot forward, representing Jesus well, and pursuing the dreams that keep you up at night. 

Thanks for being here. You’re Awesome. xoxo.