5 Essentials For Being A Boss Girl

Happy Friday #GirlBosses.

You’re a busy lady and so let’s just dive into my list of 5 essentials that you need for being a boss girl. 

  • TIME MANAGEMENT. A #girlboss is a woman who plans out her day well. She has a list of priorities, those things she MUST get done, and she tackles them. She makes time for everything that is important. I know for me, I am working on becoming the boss babe who slays my job in the appropriate hours and then can put work (aka my phone) away when it’s time to focus on my kids, husband, ministry, friends, etc. I don’t want to always be consumed with things like social media and emails…all those to-dos. There are a lot of hours in the day and a boss girl manages her time fabulously.
  • YOUR OWN STYLE. A boss girl does not copy anyone else. She is her own brand of awesome. Whether it’s classy, chic, hipster, tomboy, mom jeans, fancy, or casual…she owns who she is. This is important because most girl bosses are doing something creatively in their line of work. (They’re building a brand, running a business, being a team leader, rocking it on social media…) If she’s uncomfortable in her skin and in her own style then her creative muscles may not be working as well as they would be if she was owning her own uniqueness. Be confident in who you are (you’re beautiful) and watch that amazingness pour into all that you do.
  • DRIVE. A girl boss is motivated. She’s going for it! It’s okay to have moments and even days where you’re contemplating your path and whether or not you’re on the right track BUT a boss babe doesn’t throw in the towel. SHE KEEPS ON. Those dreams, her passion, and her WHY play over and over in her head and keep her on the track of moving forward. I feel like you can usually point out a girl boss. They have that entrepreneurial spirit and glow about them. It’s an excitement people in your tribe can just feel.
  • THE RIGHT TOOLS. A girl boss knows what she needs to make her goals turn into realities. I am not a boss babe who owns Prada and Gucci (I’m Target, Hobby Lobby, and thrift stores) and I don’t think you need an expensive lifestyle to be successful as a boss girl. All you need is a computer, wi-fi, a phone, and whatever else you specifically need for whatever you’re pursuing. Everything else is just frills. A boss girl makes what she has work and/or works towards getting whatever she needs. If you need a better computer, save for one. Make it a priority. If you love fashion but can’t afford $60-100 dresses then make what you can afford work for your brand and own it! A boss babe makes magic happen. Most of us are working from our beds, not in big fancy offices. I love seeing girls working in Starbucks and other places with free wi-fi. Make it happen. Work towards what you need to work. Thats the girl boss way.
  • CLASS. I think a girl boss has the highest chance of being successful if she’s a classy woman. By class I mean that she treats others respectfully. She is kind. She doesn’t use people for her personal or professional gain. She takes herself and her business seriously, mixed with a lot of fun. 😉 A boss babe cares about her tribe, her customers, her followers…she doesn’t dismiss people because it’s all about her. The women who I respect the most in business are confident and elegant (even if they have sillier personalities, that’s ok). Remember that you’re always being watched and what you comment, how you react, what you say and post…these all have consequences (good or bad) on how people view your brand/business/podcast/blogs/etc. Boss girls know this and keep it classy.

I’d love to know your thoughts and to all you girl bosses…you’re amazing. You’re working hard to make dreams come true and that’s just so cool, never ever give up!!!


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