Prayer & Coffee = Mommy Fuel

Morning Sweet Friends.

How do you start your mornings?

I usually open my eyes and immediately grab my phone. I read my Bible apps verse of the day, check emails and social media, and then think about what needs to get done.

After getting some coffee, I get in a comfortable place and have quiet time with God.

I am easily distracted and so if Im not writing out my prayers, my thoughts tend to stray. I have a journal that I write out my thoughts to God. This doesn’t work for everyone but it’s definitely how I get longer periods of just “be still” time with Jesus.

Another thing that’s helped my prayer life is downloading the RANSOMED HEART app on my phone. This is John Eldredge’s ministry. There are daily readings, podcasts, blogs, and prayers right there free on the app. I love all of it but the prayers especially. THEY ARE DEEP. I love love love them!!! They have one for a daily prayer, one for the leader of the household, and my favorite is called “The Good Soil” prayer.

If you are having trouble knowing how to pray or don’t know what to pray for, this would be an amazing thing to just start listening to every day. They really put my heart into the right place as I start my day.

For example, in one of the prayers, you ask God to put His Spirit between yourself and every person. What a way to begin going about your day and interacting with others.

Starting your day with some warm delicious coffee and prayer is how this Mommy fuels herself for the day. I’d love to hear how you get your body and heart ready in the morning.

(( My little sign is grammatically not correct, lol. Im shame-faced as a writer but to be fair, I showed my mother who is more of a writer than I am and she didn’t catch it either. But we’re just saying we’re not following the rules today. 😉 ))

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