Coffee, Bloomed Roses, and New Beginnings

Happy New Year!!!

I am so excited we’ve begun 2018.

I love new beginnings and my fresh start for the year began with coffee, bloomed roses, and purpose.

I took on She Lives Vintage full-time this past summer after losing our 5th baby (3 babies in Heaven and 2 with me). I was so heartbroken but decided not to let losing our little Magnolia just be another hardship and a memory. I couldn’t save my precious baby but it was me who still needed some saving.

I was coasting. I was playing it safe, like a cup of yummy coffee thats been sitting out too long. I needed to be put into the microwave for a minute…and then add more creamer. 😉

I prayed one of the most heartfelt prayers in my life while going through that miscarriage. Losing Magnolia is still painful but it sparked a fire in me to wake up and stop wasting my time here.

I quit a few projects I had my hands in. I jumped all in and started this journey of pursuing blogging and social media coaching as a career.

God is so cool and didn’t waste any time with me. In a matter of a month I started getting noticed, my blog traffic more than tripled, and I was hired with a new company to help with their social media. Since then I have been able to make money working for multiple companies and clients and it’s doing what I LOVE.

Jumping all in can be super scary but it’s totally worth it.

Entering into this new year, I am still taking new steps of faith.

The great thing about faith is that it’s doing the work and trusting God to do the rest. He will open doors and provide what you need. Trust Him. Seek Him first as you tackle your dreams.

I am all about empowering women, every woman, to pursue the dreams that keep them up at night. I come from a Christian perspective when tackling life, style, and business. I want to be your girlfriend, the one who throws confetti at you and holds your hands while jumping, saying: “YOU CAN DO IT!”

Because God CAN do it…that’s absolute truth. Start believing that you can do it with His help. 😉

I am SO excited to bring She Lives Vintage even more to life. I feel like we’re just getting started with where this dream of mine can go. I hope you stick around for the ride. xo.

Enjoy that warm coffee, get some roses, and breathe in your fresh beginning. You got this.






  1. Lizzy | 3rd Jan 18

    beautiful and brave post, thanks for sharing. Coming over from By His Grace Bloggers.

  2. Bethany | 4th Jan 18

    LOOOVE! And super proud of you!

  3. Carolyn | 4th Jan 18

    This is exactly what I needed today! You are an amazing inspiration for many reasons. I hope to read a lot more this year!

  4. Erin Ruscel | 10th Jan 18

    I absolutely love this post friend!!! So good and so true! god is able! So glad you have had such a great year after something so horrible. And super glad I found you to be encouraged by and to encourage! 2018 is gonna be amazing!

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