Minimal-ish: Replacing Stuff

Happy Minimalism Day!

I’m enjoying this Sunday series and I hope you are too.

To keep you updated on my Project333. Only 33 clothing items for 3 months. It’s going well. I haven’t cheated and other than having more laundry to do because I have less to choose from, it’s been really nice. I haven’t felt constricted or anything with my style. We will see how I feel after a whole month goes by. lol.

Okay, so for today’s post I want to share some of the STUFF we’ve replaced to save money on and the things we didn’t, since starting our minimalism journey. For the sake of length, I’m only sharing 5 things.

  • From Keurig to Coffee Pot. I am a crazy coffee lover and I definitely love Keurig. We went years having sometimes two Keurig machines in our kitchen. Since downsizing and our Keurig breaking, we didn’t buy a new one. Instead, we bought a $30 coffee pot from Wal-Mart. And you know what? It’s been just fine. I haven’t missed anything. I still have flavored coffee and its super yummy. We definitely save by not having to buy Kcups every month.
  • From old Mac to New Mac. My job is done on my laptop and so when my Mac was failing me, we decided to invest in a new one. Even though that’s a lot of money, it was a good investment. A lot of people misunderstand what minimalism is. It’s not about not having nice things. It is about quality over quantity and owning things that are needed and/or loved. When it comes to electronics, its sometimes wiser to buy higher quality items so that they aren’t needing to be replaced often. Just something to think about. 🙂 
  • From cable to Netflix. Simply put, we got rid of cable and decided to just have Netflix and Hulu. It was an expense that we realized was only taking money out of our pockets and we really only ever watched one channel. Be mindful of unnecessary spending. 
  • (in the process still) Replacing our children’s toys. Kids can accumulate a lot of stuff and sadly a lot of their stuff is not always the nicest. Cheap toys break easily and with some kids imaginations, they tire of things easily. We are still in the process of replacing their abundant amount of not so nice toys with toys that won’t need replacing so often. We’re trying to invest more in things like legos, a few nicer baby dolls, puzzles, etc.
  • Cancelled monthly subscriptions. This one hurts a little. lol. I love ShoeDazzle and some other monthly subscription companies but we decided to save that money. Not only are we able to save more but getting fun things that are special seem more special now because its not happening so often anymore.

Those are just some of the things we’ve replaced.

I like going over these things because it reminds me how well we’re doing. It really is freeing to get rid of things, especially the things that you don’t even miss when they’re gone. I don’t want our home to be a storage unit. It’s a place for our family to LIVE, not store. 😉



  1. Jamie | 10th Dec 17

    I love this especially this time of year. I’m working on bringing fewer things into the house and letting things go more readily especially to friends or family that I know will get good use out of them. Subscription boxes are so fun but I do end up with lots of things I don’t need. We said goodbye to cable and our Keurig too and haven’t looked back.

    • Jillian | 10th Dec 17

      SO true about the subscription boxes. They are so fun to get and open but you’re right, a lot of that stuff just gets added to piles and not really used. I love that you’re gifting things that someone else could use. Awesome!!! xoxo -Jillian

  2. Chasity | 10th Dec 17

    We recently relocated and my husband and I went through our clothing and our girls clothing and toys. Since our girls are close in age, the oldest’s clothes go to the next in line and so on. We upgraded my iPad mini to an iPad Pro which is more beneficial since I use it to do my schoolwork on it.

    • Jillian | 10th Dec 17

      I have heard the iPad Pro is Ahhhmmmaazzzzing!!!!!

  3. Natalie | 11th Dec 17

    We have don’t similar things the past year ! I really need to cancel some subscriptions though 😬

  4. Christina | 11th Dec 17

    Getting rid of cable was so hard! And I’ve fallen behind even more on my shows now… but with that being said I am not procrastinating as much lol!

  5. Rakhi Parsai | 14th Dec 17

    I badly need to follow minimalism. I am so inspired by reading this. In fact, my husband also tells me to have quality over quantity. I am sure going to replace few things as that’s been on my list for quite some time. I guess motivational is all that I needed.

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