Blogmas: When I Have Creativity-Block…

Happy Thursday sweet friends. I hope your week is treating you well.

Creativity Block, ugh.

I am an ENFP and so new ideas are in my head daily but they just swirl around and it’s hard to get one of those dreams to land and then become a reality. It’s also just a part of being an ENFP. But sometimes a few of those ideas really stick out and you want to make them happen but you feel stuck.

Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

For example, I am starting to podcast again. Yay!

This past early summer, I had a podcast, recorded 26 episodes and loved it. I got a lot of good feedback but when I had my miscarriage this summer, it really went to the end of my priority list. But now I want to start it up again and I have all these ideas but I feel stuck in places. It can be really frustrating.

So, here’s what I do when I am having a creative block. Hopefully it inspires you as well.

  • Get Outside. Sometimes just walking in the fresh air can really settle your thoughts. You can think more clearly. It’s also nice to step away from your usual workspace because weirdly, sometimes being in the same spot can make your mind feel cluttered. So go for a walk, sit by a tree, go to a cafe…get out and let your thoughts rest.
  • Music. Music is so important to me. I am one of those people who can’t think without it playing loudly in my headphones. lol. And I don’t put on just anything, it’s always the same song/album list . 1. My Chemical Romance, they are my soul band. Especially the Black Parade album and some other songs from their album Conventional Weapons are my go-to. They soothe me, they understand me…it’s just my thing. 2. Phantom of the Opera, the Ramin Karimloo version. Don’t ask me why but it always calms me and I am able to jot down my thoughts and plan things out clearly. I love the music so much too.  3. Lana Del Rey, Paramore, and others…a mix of other specific songs that I don’t mind listening to over and over.
  • Prayer. This is really the best thing you can do. I’ve been reading a book from John Eldredge about spiritual warfare and how so often we pass things off, like not being able to write as just “writers block” but what if something deeper was happening? What if your enemy, satan, was distracting you because he doesn’t want you planning, creating, writing? So praying for clarity, a clear mind, and the ability to create is always a good idea. Just a thought. 😉
  • Talk It Out With Like-Minded Friends. Be careful with this one. Not everyone get’s “it”, whatever your it is. And it can be so discouraging to talk to someone who isn’t going to dream with you or inspire and encourage you. Go to a trusted person who is like-minded. They’ll help you with whatever ideas you have floating around.
  • Just Go For It. I’m a “go all in” kind of girl. So sometimes, even if you don’t have everything figured out, just jump in. You can figure out details as you go along but maybe just by starting the process or the project, you’ll have all those jumbled thoughts come together and make sense. Before you know it, you’ve got it down and you’re creating exactly what you wanted…maybe even better than you originally planned.

Remember to also give yourself grace. Being a creative is sometimes a lonely road and we can easily feel like we’re failures. That’s a lie. You have a gift, a passion, a calling…pursue it. It’s not by accident that those thoughts keep coming back. Hope this will give you some ideas to get in the game of being creative. You got this. xo.


  1. Chelsea | 7th Dec 17

    Wow, nice I can totally relate to this ! the music, prayer, taking a walk are all things I do and it works well for me. Nicely written. So sorry for the miscarriage, God will bless you with another bundle of joy.

  2. Stephanie barreca | 7th Dec 17

    I so needed this right now! I’ve been suffereing from HUGE creativity block at the moment. So stuck! Thank you for the article !

  3. Erin | 7th Dec 17

    THIS! Love all of these suggestions and yet again with our soul-Sister-ness … Phantom of the Opera is a big huge YES! Something about those ballads are so inspiring! This was much needed today. I’m about to go do all these things and get creative! Thanks love!!

  4. Lauren Cecora | 7th Dec 17

    These are great! I love these!

  5. Rosie | 7th Dec 17

    How refreshing! Love these ideas 💗

  6. Iman | 8th Dec 17

    Music!! Yes, I use music to cope with my writers block many days. Prayer also!! When I need guidance and for my creativity to flow, I say a small prayer to ease my mind!!

    Love this post

  7. Nikki G | 8th Dec 17

    I have to completely agree with you. It wasn’t until I started talking out loud about my issues that I was able to move forward. It makes a world of difference when you have like a minded support system also.

  8. Mary Abbott | 8th Dec 17

    Great ideas, I think our minds become more creative when we take time out.

  9. Mama Writes Reviews | 8th Dec 17

    These are great suggestions. I try to write a couple weeks ahead so if I get writer’s block, I have a buffer!

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