Blogmas: 10 Instagrammers to Follow Today!

Happy Wednesday!

If you don’t know by now, I LOVE Instagram. It’s my favorite social media…Twitter following closely behind. 

Let me share 10 of my favorite Instagrammers with you.


She is like a burst of sunshine and positivity. She plays the violin and likes to share glimpses into her life, with her husband and job. She is adorable and you’ll love following her.


I’ve known Becca from way back in our early college days but following her on IG has just made me love her all over again. She shows her photos of her beautiful home, DIY projects, her gorgeous family, and her Insta-stories are full of real life moments as a mama. She will inspire you to want to go be crafty. 😉


I started following Adam bc I saw a picture he had posted of his wife. He was so sweet describing how he loves her that I wanted to know more. I do not regret this. Lol. Adam is HILARIOUS! His stories have made me literally “lol” and the love he has for God, his wife, and tacos is enough for you to want to be his real life friend. 😉 A definite must-follow.


I adore this woman! Tamara is a fashion forward mama and she is just adorable! She’s positive and fun. I love her. Definitely go check her out.


I met Ty at a writers conference and he was so much fun to talk to. He has a beautiful wife and embraces daddy life. His Instagram is full of inspiration and inside looks into his life. This guy is going places FOR SURE so you definitely want to be following his journey.


Erin is my soul sister. I love her and she is definitely someone you should be following. She has an eye for amazing fashion and shares her mommy life in such a cute way. I always love seeing her photos and her heart is just so big. L-O-V-E her!


Jameson is a great guy to follow, especially if you love music and books. He has interviewed some awesome people and is still doing incredible things in his field. He’s fun and will get you pumped about pursuing what you’re passionate about. Definitely a must follow.


Ever start talking to someone and you immediately just love them? Is that just my personality? lol. Well, thats how it was with Magnolia. I love this girl. She is so unique and beautiful. She just makes you smile. Her stories are soooo cute, showing her family and her life. MUST FOLLOW HER!


Bethany is super cute and is a wiz at biz. She is a writer, speaker, and owns two businesses. She’s a fantastic wife and mama, who loves all things girly. You won’t regret giving her a follow.


I am fairly new to following Alexandra but I am LOVING her feed. I need to check out her stories as well. Her pictures are so adorable. She’s got a beautiful family and shows a lot of life-moments. Just gorgeous! Check her out and I’ll be doing the same.

All these people are awesome and there are SO many more that I could list. That list would be super long. Definitely get involved in the Instagram community. The people are awesome and it’s great to support one another in our passions and pursuits. xo.



  1. Erin | 6th Dec 17

    You are the sweetest ever!! Ahh! I am SO thankful for you! You are beautiful, giving, the truest friend and have the most generous heart. A million thanks for this sweet mention! Love you long time, Soul Sister!!

  2. lisa | 6th Dec 17

    Thanks for this post. Always helpful to have a guide for who to follow. I followed you too!

  3. Sarah | 6th Dec 17

    Loving it! What a great list! I love the ig community. For sure giving these people a follow!

  4. Erin Ruscel | 6th Dec 17

    You are seriously the sweetest!!! Thank you so much for adding me in this post! I am so incredibly blessed to know you and get to experience a little of who you are through your writing, stories and posts! Thanks for being genuine and so much fun! It is also cool to see some other names and add some new friends to the ig list!

  5. Alice | 6th Dec 17

    I love this! I’m always looking for new Instagram follows!

  6. Angela Milnes | 8th Dec 17

    This is a great list. I am inspired to write my own list of instagrammers I love to follow in my own niche. Thanks for sharing. I am off to have a look at these accounts.

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