Blogmas: 5 Reasons To Start A Blog In 2018

Happy Tuesday.

I pray you’re all feeling well and doing fine.

Let’s talk blogging.

I started my first official blog (outside of xanga, lol) in 2009. I have loved it ever since. I think there are great reasons to be blogging, so let me share 5 reasons you should start blogging in the new year.

  • You’re Building A Platform. Are you a writer or an artist? Do you have a business or brand? A blog is a great way to do add to your platform. You can let your readers, customers, and/or social media followers get to know you and your content a little better by posting 1-2x a week. It’s not as overwhelming as it may seem. Blogs are fun and you can really use your writing voice to make a deeper impact.
  • Get Your Thoughts Out. Blogs don’t have to be these crazy professional things that you invest in. You can use it as a public dairy. Do you ever feel like FB status’ just limit your thoughts? A blog would be a great place to write and then still share with those same friends and family.
  • Document A Journey Or Your Year. If you’ve got goals or are tackling a new adventure, maybe you’re moving or starting a workout program…Document it by keeping a blog. It makes the process fun and then others can be encouraged by your journey. It’s also great accountability.
  • Inspire And Encourage Others. Do you get asked questions a lot on a certain subject by others? Maybe your home decor or marriage advice? If you get asked questions about something, chances are you already have an audience who wants to know more…FROM YOU! Using a blog to encourage and inspire others is an amazing thing to do. Share your wisdom or tips/tricks. Have fun with it and get excited about motivating people.
  • You’re Looking For A New Hobby. Blogging is so much fun. The community is great. You can take things you already like doing and then blog about it. It’ll be a new hobby for you but still won’t take up much time.

Blogging is awesome. And I can’t emphasize no.1 enough.

If you want to have an online presence, then start that blog my friend. 😉


  1. Stephanie Knopf | 5th Dec 17

    I started my blog this past May and I regret not starting sooner!

  2. Ayron | 5th Dec 17

    Love this post! I think it’s be awesome to read someone blog about theirs journey through the next year. Hmm… that gives me an idea!

  3. Lauren Cecora | 5th Dec 17

    blogging has been great! i used to do it as more journal but now i’m building my brand- it’s hard to be consistent and block time off but necessary for sure!

  4. Yoly | 5th Dec 17

    Thanks for the info! I’m currently just starting up my blog, and its way more complex than I thought lol but I love it so far!

  5. Wendi | 5th Dec 17

    These are all wonderful reasons and many of which are what inspired me to start a blog! Happy Blogging in 2018!

  6. Ada | 5th Dec 17

    This is great and it’s kind of nice to check in with why I REALLY started my blog. I do want it to be professional, sure. But I also just really enjoy it and want to be real with people.

  7. Natalie | 5th Dec 17

    Love this! Reminds me of some of the reasons I started and it makes me happy to know I have been going a year soon. Thanks for sharing x

  8. LeeAnn | 5th Dec 17

    So many reasons to start a blog! I think so many people really don’t understand what a blog is and that literally anyone can make one and also profit from it!

  9. Kathy | 6th Dec 17

    Love this!! I just recently decided to start blogging so getting all geared up to start the new year with a bang! So so excited! 🙂 🙌🙌 Thanks for sharing! 👊

  10. Michelle - Hold the Moo | 6th Dec 17

    So true. I am using my blogging/website to focus myself for the future 🙂

  11. Corinne | 6th Dec 17

    OMG I totally remember xanga! LOL I thought about that the other day – my how things have changed! Your blog looks lovely btw:)

  12. Ayana Christine Nell | 6th Dec 17

    omg I totally had a Xanga years ago!! hahaha I forgot all about that!!! These are all great reasons to start a blog!

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