Minimal-ish: The Money We’ve Saved In 6 Months.

Happy Sunday loves.

This is part 2 of my Minimal-ish Sunday series.

To update you, Project333 is going very well. If you missed my first post… *you can read it here*

Project 333 is where you pick 33 items of clothing and accessories and only wear those items for 3 months. It doesn’t include workout clothes or pajamas. I also didn’t include shoes in my list because…well…I love my shoes, haha.

This week, getting dressed has been super easy. The pressure is off. I have 33 items to choose from and I just pick and go. I still look stylish and getting dressed has had no overwhelming moments because “I don’t know what to wear.” So, I’m liking it so far.Alrighty, now to todays post.

Jacob and I downsized this summer from a 3 bedroom, 2 big (living/family) rooms, 2 bath, house with a pool to a small 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment. We got rid of a lot of stuff…A LOT OF STUFF. We simplified to fit into our tiny apartment and as there are times where I miss having an office, we’re making it work.

Jacob and I went through the last 6 months and I want to show you how much money we’ve saved since living more simply.

We included rent/utilities/a few house luxeries (cable and such) and the grand total of our savings has been:

just under $4,000 in 6 months.

So, we’re basically saving about $660+ a month by living more simply. That may not sound like a significant amount of money but it is to us. I just started working, making an income, in August and so up until this point, we’ve been a one income family.

$600+ can do a lot for a family of 4 on one income.

Living more simply and adding my new income to Jacobs means that we have a lot more money to live, give, and save.

In a year we will have saved $7,920. 

And with our 5 year plan we will have saved $39,600 just by living smaller.

When you think about it, our old home was really just a big storage unit for STUFF that we’re doing fine without. We make sacrifices living in our apartment but nothing that’s been life altering. We’re really happy in our tiny home and I love seeing those numbers. I love knowing that we’re saving money by living minimal-ish.

We have close friends who went from living in a 3 bedroom home to an actual tiny house. I’m going to be asking them to fill me in on how much they have saved by going tiny. Stay tuned for that in next weeks post.

“Ultimately most of us come to believe there’s more value in a paycheck—and all the stuff that paycheck can buy us—than there is in life itself.”
Joshua Fields Millburn






  1. Melanie Pickett | 4th Dec 17

    You’re saving a ton! That must feel really good. Your analogy is right: our homes can become storage units for stuff! We had a large home and had an entire bedroom for stuff. In my new marriage, we bought a smaller home with just what we needed. It works out. Nice post. I’m really enjoying this series!

  2. Erin | 4th Dec 17

    That’s a great savings in just 6 months! It’s such a freeing feeling to save money.

  3. Angie | 5th Dec 17

    Wow that’s really impressive savings for such little time frame! Great job!

  4. Rachel | 5th Dec 17

    It is nice to know that it is possible to cut back. I am always looking for ways to simplify. I need to do the clothes thing.

  5. Mama Writes Reviews | 5th Dec 17

    I am very impressed! Nice job!

  6. Lexi | 5th Dec 17

    Wow that’s amazing! I need to cut down on all of our things but it’s so hard to do! I will be reading your other posts to see how you did it!

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