I SLAYED 2017.

Happy Wednesday Sweet Friends.

Today I started thinking about my goals for 2018. In past years when I would start thinking about my goals for the upcoming new year, there would be a lot of guilt of what I didn’t do in the year I was in. All the goals that I made and didn’t accomplish would weigh over me and in an attempt to be positive, I’d shrug and say “THIS NEXT YEAR IS MY YEAR.”

Well, I can honestly say that I do not have that weighing guilt feeling this time. I SLAYED 2017.

The beginning of the year was rough for me. Really rough actually. But by the time March hit, I was like a brand new woman.

My book, Scripture and Heels, came out on Amazon in April. This is something I had talked about doing for years and finally just pushed through and made it happen.

I started my brand, She Lives Vintage and this summer agreed to get out of God’s way and commit to pursue my longtime dream of being an influencer/blogger/entrepreneur.

I started getting noticed and have been blessed to collaborate with some bigger companies. I also got hired as a social media stylist/content creator for an AMAZING company.

I was paid to speak at a writers conference to talk about social media and live streaming. It was incredible.

I’ve made so many new friends this year…who are like-minded, love Jesus, and are just simply AWESOME. A few of us have turned from strangers – to friends – to co-workers.

I gained so much confidence within my own skin. My marriage has absolutely NEVER been stronger. I owe it to Jesus. He has taken so much of my broken pieces and restored them to a more beautiful life than I even imagined or wished for.

Even with some painful things this year, like in May, losing our 5th baby (Magnolia) to a miscarriage, I am SO grateful for God’s grace and unconditional love. How we’ve grown together, the Lord and I.

And looking forward, 2018 has A LOT of incredible things already in the works. 

One of those exciting things is that my friend Jameson Ketchum and I are launching THE WRITERS BLOCK PARTY podcast. Stay Tuned for more on that. 

I’m thankful for you too, my readers. I appreciate your comments and your support. I love hearing your stories and thoughts. I pray as we go into 2018 together that we all continue to grow and design that life we dream of having. God is ultimately in control but I have never believed more, the truth that God is on our side. He may not call you to be comfortable but I PROMISE that obeying Him will bring a heart of peace and true contentment.

See y’all on Sunday for another post in my Minimal-ish series.






  1. Erin | 30th Nov 17

    I just love your energy and your joy is contagious! I have loved getting to know you this year and can’t wait to continue to cheer you on throughout your journey because God’s got BIG things for you, girlfriend!! Lots of love from your #SoulSister 😉

  2. Jenn | 30th Nov 17

    I’m so glad that you’ve done so much ! You’ve got a lot to be proud of. Slay girl, slay!

  3. Jamie Lassiter | 30th Nov 17

    This is an awesome read! I am going to check out Scripture and Heels. I do love to read! In 2018 I am going to slay it! 🙂

    • Jillian | 30th Nov 17

      AWESOME!! And yes, you got this!!!

  4. Corina Burch | 30th Nov 17

    Your energy and enthusiasm is so infectious! It makes me want to be better and try harder at my goals. It makes me believe that maybe I too can achieve my dreams.

    My main goal for next year is to come up along side of you and say “I slayed 2018”! =)

    • Jillian | 30th Nov 17

      YOU CAN DO IT!! I’d love to hear your goals for the new year. 🙂

  5. This Mum At Home | 1st Dec 17

    I checked out your book. Congratulations on achieving this goal its wonderful!

  6. Meagan | 2nd Dec 17

    Great post! I can’t believe its the end of the year already and time to think ahead to 2018!

  7. val | 2nd Dec 17

    Cheers to a fab 2017 and an even better 2018!

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