MINIMAL-ish SERIES: Intro + Project333

Hey sweet friends. Happy Sunday.

I am so excited to start this series with you, as it is such a big part of my life now.

Without making this intro super long, because there really is so much that can be said, let me just hit you with some of my thoughts about minimalism.

  • Minimalism IS NOT A COMPETITION. I am not interested in comparing lifestyles. Whether you live extremely minimal and only buy the necessities and live super tiny or you live large and buy whatever you desire, I’m not comparing or judging. I’m only sharing our own journey.
  • Our reason for going minimal-ish is to stop believing the lie that our STUFF defines our worth or status in this world. We are done keeping up with the Kardashians and love the idea of living simply, within our means, and not acquiring more and more stuff. We want to live abundantly and not have material possessions be our focus or joy.
  • The tagline for our family is Intentionally living with less while we live intentionally for eternity. 
  • Minimalism IS NOT about being poor, broke, or never buying anything. You’ve missed the point if that’s what you believe. The documentary on Netflix THE MINIMALISTS is a great watch if you want to know more about the lifestyle.
  • We hope to be teaching our children that its not about the stuff we have that brings us joy or fulfillment. Jesus never intended material things to matter so much to us.

Alright, so here’s a little background of how this all started for my family.

This past summer was a little chaotic. We moved into a tiny apartment after my husband’s job wasn’t working out. He works on commission and the money was not coming in. We had just lost our little baby Magnolia to a miscarriage and then my sweet husband lost his job. It felt like a storm that wouldn’t quit.

We were forced to move and downsize our stuff by A LOT. We were used to living in 3 bedroom larger homes and now we were in a very small apartment.

Thankfully and all praise to God, Jacob got his job back and the money was there again but we were already living in our new tiny apartment. When I say tiny, I mean it. It’s 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms but it’s little little little. Our couch didn’t even fit in the living room. We have our love seat now as our main sofa.

Even though we had money coming in, we were actually falling in love with our tiny space. I liked getting rid of stuff. I liked looking around my home and only seeing things that we needed, brought us joy, or that we really loved. It’s not cluttered. It’s not full. It’s just right.

AND We didn’t miss all the stuff. I don’t miss it at all.

We started getting more and more into the whole minimalism lifestyle and liked it the more we researched it.

I love decorating and there’s this thing I read on a blog called “COZY-MINIMALISM”. I love it and that describes our family. We like to be cozy and have things we love in our home. We’ll never be the minimalist family that only has what is completely necessary, like one chair and nothing on the walls. We like having decor and cute things. We like books. My coffee cup collection is large and still growing. Don’t even get me started on my shoes…lol. We’ve downsized on a lot and will keep doing so. The more we get rid of, the less we’ve realized we actually need.

The point really is, we’re more focused on things that matter and those things aren’t things at all. 😉  

In this series, I want to share our life with you as we keep journeying through becoming more simple and minimal. Im going to take each post a week at a time and see where it goes.


Only 33 items of clothing to dress in for 3 months.

Those are the rules and here are my 33 items.

3 scarfs

3 pants

5 dresses

4 tanks/camisoles

4 sweaters/zip ups

6 tops (including a Star Wars T and sweater bc The Last Jedi comes out this month, yay)

2 jackets

6 jewelry items

** Shoes are such a huge part of my brand + life that I kept them out of my 33 items. Even if I found this project works and I am then willing to downsize my wardrobe, shoes are something I will always invest in. And that’s okay.  🙂 **

So, for 3 months those items will be my wardrobe choices. I am really excited to try it and see how it works. I’ll take pics of my different outfits and post them in my IG stories. After the 3 months are over, I’ll do a post on my experience with it.

It was definitely a challenge for me to choose my items for 3 months but I did it. We’ll see how it all goes. I’d love to end this challenge seeing how having a closet FULL of clothes isn’t necessary. I can have a cute wardrobe, still be stylish, and not be buying new clothes all the time or hoarding clothes.

Especially living in a tiny home, clothes that take up lots of space (especially when they’re items that you don’t really wear but just keep around) is just a waste of space and it’s not needed.

I’ll see y’all next Sunday for a PROJECT 333 update and a new post on our minimal-ish lifestyle.





  1. Nicki Bishop | 26th Nov 17

    I am in a season of downsizing as well. Love the idea of 33 pieces. Wonder how this would work with myself and my 3 girls?? (Daddy and the boy child don’t need downsizing.)

  2. Sarah Dean | 28th Nov 17

    Love this! I really want to watch the documentary on Netflix – must remember to add it to my list!

    I think I could definitely do the 33 items of clothing part of minimalism (I tend to wear the same stuff on rotation already!) but would struggle with other aspects as I get too attached to “objects”.

    By the way, LOVE that polka dot dress. 🙂

  3. Louise | 28th Nov 17

    I love this, im from Denmark and many people there is living the minimalism lifestyle. I could not do it myself right now, but on day in life I have to try it out!

  4. Jaclyn | 28th Nov 17

    This is such a great idea! I have been downsizing more and more lately – especially with having 2 small kids…it’s just too overwhelming to have too much stuff (or too many choices!)

  5. Leslie | 28th Nov 17

    I am trying to cut out only the things I need in my life. I am reevaluating my wants and needs to keep things minimal.

  6. Emily | 29th Nov 17

    I’m trying to declutter because I think reaching hoarder status. This is a great post!

  7. Jenn | 29th Nov 17

    I don’t know how I can get to this, but i like the idea. So many times I’ve gotten stressed out Over the amount of things we have. It’d be nice to get to an inbetween

  8. Jesica Versichele | 29th Nov 17

    I really like this suggestion. It make you more mindful about what you really need. I’ve been minimalist for several years now, sometimes by choice and sometimes by necessity. At least for me, shopping for non-necessities was an easy habit to break. I used the money I saved to move to Europe and fund going to grad school. I think that was the key; I had a clear goal in mind to save for. Great post!

    -Jesica, Design blogger @

  9. Ashley | 29th Nov 17

    I definitely need to downsize. We have moved into our new home and I was packing and purging. Half of the “stuff” I didn’t need that someone else could use.

  10. Ashley | 29th Nov 17

    I definitely need to downsize. We have moved into our new home and I was packing and purging. Half of the “stuff” I didn’t need that someone else could use.

  11. Ashley L. Jones | 6th Dec 17

    Love this! My husband and I just started living simply, as well. I found the book Celebration of Discipline to be especially helpful in clarifying the Christian discipline of simplicity. Minimalism is just an outward expression of that inner attitude. I look forward to seeing how you do!! 🙂

    • Jillian | 6th Dec 17

      Ooo that sounds like an awesome book. Im gonna have to check that out.

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