Social Media Is the Frosting

Your social media accounts are the frosting on the cake that is your brand, business, or blog. -Jillian Lancour

Being a brand stylist and working with mostly writers and bloggers to build their platform, I am asked a lot about which social medias to focus on the most.

My answer is always the same.


Social media is powerful and it is absolutely 100% needed and expected if you’re taking your business or brand seriously. But it is the frosting. Your website is your cake, the foundation…your focus.

Even though you have profiles/accounts with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc. YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER WHAT HAPPENS THERE. They could shut down, they could shut you down, they could change their policies. Look at all the issues people are having now that Instagram’s algorithm changed. It’s harder to grow now and we can’t do much about it.

You do, however, control your website/blog.

It’s easy to pour yourself into Instagram and leave your blog/website behind. Here’s some quick tips to help with this.

  • Remember to post on your social media accounts with purpose. Keep your brand/business in mind within this purpose.
  • Make sure you’re updating your website/blog. Keep it relevant.
  • Bloggers, posting 2x a week seems to be the magic number. 3 posts a week can be too much and 1 post a week is not enough.
  • Your social media accounts should compliment your website. Keep your colors and themes consistent between your website and social media profiles.
  • Focus on getting your followers to go to your website. Don’t neglect it because you’re too busy posting on social media.
  • Work on your email list.
  • Remind your followers a few times a week, through your posts, about what’s going on over at your website.

Ask yourself, If my social media profiles went down today, would all my followers know where to find me on my website?

Social media is the frosting. Your website is the cake.

Happy Friday Sweet Friends,




  1. Jen | 24th Nov 17

    Love this analogy!

  2. Alyson | 24th Nov 17

    Beautiful blog and great post! Now I want cake! Great post though! I don’t like when I click on a beautiful pin and the content is not so great! Hope I never do that to my readers!

  3. Mama Writes Reviews | 24th Nov 17

    YES YES YES! Perfect analogy! Thank you.

  4. Meagan | 25th Nov 17

    Love posts that help new bloggers! Great read!

  5. Magen | 25th Nov 17

    I agree. You need social media but if you website isn’t doing well then it’s useless.

  6. The Frugal Family (@thefrugalfamily) | 25th Nov 17

    This is such a good post, and very helpful – it’s so easy to get caught up with social media and forget the main content – or cake!!

  7. jhilmil | 26th Nov 17

    Great tips for bloggers like us, indeed social media is important but then for sure we can’t do it neglecting ur website. Website has to be updated, mobile friendly and must have creative content.

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