Don’t Let The Fire Go Out. OHCWC

Yesterday I flew home after spending a little over a week in Ohio. I went to teach a few workshops at The Ohio Christian Writers Conference. Y’all it was a BLAST.

This was my first time attending a writers conference and I feel honored to have been able to teach and meet so many awesome people.

I started working for Serious Writer Inc. this summer and getting to meet and hug the team in person, as we all live in different states, was such a blessing.

There was such an exciting energy surrounding the conference. I LOVE seeing people pursue their passions…and writers are some PASSIONATE people!!

I got to sit down with so many incredible men and women and hear their stories, read their proposals, hold their already published works, and hear their goals. You can’t help but feel a fire start inside you when you’re surrounded by so many people pursuing their talents and dreams.

I was there to help writers with their platform building, social media, etc. and even I felt motivated to keep writing in my own field. I LOVE how people sharpen one another.

It’s so easy to go home when conferences are over and let that fire go out. It dims as we get back to normal life and have to deal with our responsibilities and such.

My encouragement to you is to pray over that fire you felt inside you. Pray that God keeps the flames going and only getting stronger. 

Keep writing, continue to learn, don’t stop. Get on a social media routine and build that platform! Connect with others, join writing groups, network, and encourage others.

When you’re doing what you know you’ve been called to do, satan is going to try to trip you up and discourage you. Walk in truth and continue running after your goals. Give God the glory, do the work, and He will do the rest.

Meeting you all was such a blessing to my heart and I am so excited to watch your journey either begin or continue.

Below are a few pics from my week.

Never give up. You’re awesome and God’s got big things in store for you sweet friend.



  1. Janine Rosche | 10th Nov 17

    Loved meeting you!

  2. Allie Lavigueur | 10th Nov 17

    Sounds like a really fun and positive experience! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Jamie | 10th Nov 17

    Love that you had such a great experience and love the encouragement. Some days writing is hard but you keep chugging on because other days the fulfillment is amazing.

  4. Aerica | 10th Nov 17

    So happy that you had such a good experience! I always hear so many great things about conferences! I hope to attend one someday.

  5. Amy | 11th Nov 17

    What an amazing experience! I look forward to seeing what you write after this.

  6. Jenn | 11th Nov 17

    It sounds like a very uplifting experience ! I’m sure it is really motivating when you attend these conferences.

  7. Kelly | 11th Nov 17

    I appreciate the encouragement and the continued contact we are receiving from faculty and staff, as well as other conferees. I felt as if I were in revival the entire time. So thankful for such a special gift.

  8. Meg | 12th Nov 17

    It looks like you had a great trip!

  9. Megan | 12th Nov 17

    It was so great meeting you!! Thank you so much for all of your great advice!

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