I’m a Forbes girl. I love reading their articles…until tonight. To be fair, this was one article and of course we all don’t have to agree but I admit that I stood up after reading it and huffed + puffed myself around the house while going over it in my head.

And to be even more fair, it was a small paragraph that pushed my buttons and to be even more fairer than that, it hit my stomach hard because it feels personal.

Here is the article >>>

And here’s the part of the paragraph that sparked a small fire inside:

Christy Glass, Ph.D., is a sociologist at Utah State University who recently published study finding that overweight women are significantly less likely to achieve career success than their thinner peers…

Hmm…I read Dr.Glass’s study and well hmm. lol. Are overweight women less likely to succeed than their thinner friends?

But I’m overweight. I started this journey weighing in at 232 lbs. at 5’4 BUT my fat, the extra weight I carry on my body, is not going to be a factor of my success. Sorry, not sorry. That’s not describing this woman.

Since I was a child, when I really put my mind to something, there was very little that could stop me from doing it. We even have a little saying: “Where there’s a Jill, there’s a way.”

Look at Hollywood

Oprah, Mindy Kaling, Kelly Clarkson, Ashley Graham, Tess Holiday, America Ferrera, Melissa McCarthy, etc. are successful women who are plus-size or have been open about struggling with being overweight before.

Jennifer Lawrence was told at the beginning of her career that she’d never make it in Hollywood because she was too big! Are you kidding me?

So, we have to take a step back and ask ourselves who defines our success?

I don’t want society’s definition of success if it means that women’s bodies are scrutinized and their talent comes only second to their looks.

Very “important” people would most likely look at my life and see me as unsuccessful but they don’t define that for me. I have two incredible girls that I’m raising to be strong and kind. I have a growing brand and business. I wrote a book and self-published it last year because it meant something to me to achieve that goal. I survived a separation with my husband and that took so much inner strength…I see that as a success! I have gone through 3 incredibly painful miscarriages and have come out stronger as a mother and as a woman. That’s a success. And now I am actively tackling my weight issues. I could go on. Point is…

My FAT does not determine my confidence to make it through this life.

FAT IS FAT. It’s extra weight on your body. And I am not going to be a woman who allows a number on a scale or the number of people who may or may not be attracted to me have anything to do with my dreams, my goals, or how hard I work at achieving them.

I’ve believed for far too long, mostly subconsciously, that being overweight was something to be ashamed of and that just gave birth to so many insecurities and lies.

The truth is, I am overweight…I am dealing with it…and God is healing the pain that has contributed to my emotional eating…I’m definitely dealing with all of that.

So, let’s remember truth. God has a purpose for each one of us. Let’s not take society’s opinions and definitions too seriously. They definitely don’t make the rules and standards for your life. You’re not a statistic in someone’s study.

Let’s pull deep within ourselves to celebrate what is beautiful and unique about the women God made us to be. More than that, let’s focus on celebrating the beauty and wonder of who God is.

Let’s be grateful for our today, in the body we have today. Size 4 or size 24, your body is precious. It’s where your soul dwells. Take care of it, even in your thought life.


So to celebrate my body and to also continue my journey of self-acceptance, coming out from behind the “perfectly angled selfie”, my husband took a little photo shoot of me.

WEEK 2: Updates

  • Have lost a total of 6 lbs. I weighed in right before we started Keto this past week and weighed 232 lbs. How I gained in the first week, I don’t even want to think about. lol. I did go to a buffet with my family and we had “last meal”. Ok, I had more than one “last meal” to be super honest with you. But week 2 I got on track and focused, haven’t cheated and so excited about -6 lbs. in a week. Thank you keto! *Sharing what I’m cooking in my Instagram stories. BTW: I have not started working out yet. I had intentions to begin this week but even as I’m typing this, I’m still in bed with a bad cold. :/ Week 4 will be the first week I start really hitting the gym.
  • Right now I’m in a size 16-18. I got a monthly subscription to GwynnieBee so I can rock beautiful fashion styles while I lose weight. GwynnieBee is for women sizes 10-32 and their clothes are AMAZING. I will be rocking the outfits I get in my Instagram. <3
  • I’ve spent some really amazing quality time with God these last two weeks. I am thankful for His comfort as I am opening up my heart to feel some pain I haven’t really allowed myself to feel, like still hurting over losing our baby this past May. Healing is hard but it’s so worth the process of opening up the wound, cleaning it out, and letting God repair it.
  • Ive been cooking everything at home. It’s been fun and Jacob, my hubby is absolutely loving it. I don’t miss the fast food honestly.

See y’all next week for my week 3 update.


  1. Hilary | 29th Oct 17

    Preach! You are stunning girl! I love these behind the selfie series!

  2. Rebekah Love Dorris | 29th Oct 17

    Great article. Love your drive. I read that other article that so incensed you, and whew. I’m sure the writer was speaking from a detached professional point of view, because only research could produce such broad strokes that discourage so completely.

    One good thing: when God brings us low so we can only see Him, I’m finding it’s because He knows the lowly are qualified to be exalted. None of us deserve high marks, but when we’re feeling the humiliation He took on Himself in just a small degree, He blesses our socks off for it. As my friend Pearl Allard said, “God seems to design darkness to be miracle’s opening act.”

    Whew! Got kinda philosophical there. Anyway, thanks for your vulnerability and transparency. May God bless you as you rest on Him. 🙂

  3. Erin | 29th Oct 17

    SO excited to take this journey with you! Love your beautiful dress and those booties are fab! BUT I gotta say, I love the beauty of your heart even more!!! Thrilled to see you so excited and confident! You are a ROCKSTAR!! All the Love!!

  4. Stacey | 30th Oct 17

    I cannot believe that this article would say something like that. Anyone can be successful if they put their mind to it. I love this series and can’t wait to see what else you have in store.

  5. Elizabeth | 30th Oct 17

    You are beautiful

  6. Shann Eva | 30th Oct 17

    That article would have made me mad too. I’ve struggled with my weight after having babies, but I never thought it would ever effect my success. I’m glad you see that too. Sounds like you’re doing awesome with your new challenge. Can’t wait to follow along on your journey.

  7. Princy Khurana | 30th Oct 17

    this is interesting and happy for you that things are working out. the outfit and boots are fab! best of luck for your weight loss journey!

  8. Ericka | 30th Oct 17

    Anybody can be successful in life as long as they set their goals and just work hard for them. It doesn’t matter on the appearance at all. Keep it up! You are doing amazing.

  9. ashley peavey | 31st Oct 17

    You are stunning!

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