Happy Friday Beautiful.

I’m excited to bring to you “boss life” topics every other Friday (switching back and forth between my Wednesday scheduled posts) These wont be long but just give you a little encouragement before a new Monday starts and your week begins. I love having my weekends to write out my goals, get organized, and hit Monday with a fierceness.

One of my biggest passions has been to encourage women to pursue their purpose.

I believe God has an awesome plan for each of our lives. They look really different for us all and so whether you’re chasing after kiddos or chasing a big dream of being your own boss in business, I want to inspire you to go after those goals. Some of you are doing both and I applaud you Mama. I’m in the same boat.

Sweet reminder: There are no small jobs. Stay at home mom – working girl – entrepreneur – all 3…you’re all doing very important work.

With our lives being so busy and full of responsibilities, it’s important to keep your goals a priority.

Sometime this weekend get away from all the noise of your life and reflect on what you want. Where do you wanna be in 5, 10, 15, 20 years? What are your goals?

Write them down.

Write them down and make an action plan.

Remember to be realistic but at the same time don’t be afraid to have some goals that scare you a little. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! Dream big. 😉

A lot of our life stuff can easily distract and deter us from our goals becoming realities but if we stay focused on these goals and what we need to be doing to make them happen, it wont be so easy to get knocked off course.

Remember grace and not perfection BUT don’t quit. 

You’ve got this girl. Your dreams and goals are sooo important. God’s plan for you is bigger than you could probably ever dream it to be. Seek Him and do the work. He will do the rest.

I’d love to hear what your goals are. Have an amazing weekend and happy planning!



  1. Nichole | 27th Oct 17

    I love this post. Great source of encouragement! My goal is to encourage young adults to pursue their passions and a lifestyle of freedom. Our goals seem to align 🙂

    Nichole //

  2. InfetilityMom / StrokieGal Jennifer Saake | 28th Oct 17

    It can be so easy to get caught up in what others tell me I “should” be doing – like platform building) that I get distracted from what I want to be, feel called to be, doing (writing). Thank you for the re-focus moment!

  3. Nicole Anderson | Camping for Women | 28th Oct 17

    It’s so true that everyone needs to have goals. Goals in this instance being defined as what you have written down – otherwise it’s more of a dream than a goal. As the saying goes ‘what gets measured, gets managed – and we all need to consciously manage what needs to be done to hit our goals. The first step is definitely identifying them and writing them down.

  4. Alex | 28th Oct 17

    I always find that writing down my goals that I want to accomplish for the day helps me stay on track. Sometimes I do it the night before, and when I wake up I already know what I need to do. Thanks for the motivation!

  5. Ashlee | 28th Oct 17

    Goals are definitely huge when it comes to making what you love to do a reality! I love writing my goals on my white board, in my planner, and on my phone so I always see them!

  6. Shariyka Romero | 28th Oct 17

    Writing your goals ensures that you’ll stay committed because it’s constantly in the back of your mind.

  7. Natasha | 29th Oct 17

    I needed this post. Sometimes life events does get in the way of things I want to achieve but I cant agree with you more seek god and do the work and everything comes after.

    Great post!

  8. Tosha Ornelas | 29th Oct 17

    This is great motivation and encouragement for women that want to go for it and obtain their goals! I believe in writing it down too and keep looking at it and achieve it. Good post! Very touching keep up good work.

  9. Stacy Karyn | 29th Oct 17

    Love it. Sometimes I think the biggest challenge of starting any project is simply “not to quit”. Thanks for the inspiration!:)

  10. Gina Hepburn Hepburn | 29th Oct 17

    I run a small cosmetic company, so it is so easy to get distracted from my main goals easily. But I definitely need to keep them in front of me to make them easier to achieve. Thanks for this wonderful post.

  11. Sarah | 30th Oct 17

    I am not the best short term goal person. I usually jump right into projects. I am working on setting goals for shorter terms. Long term goals? I have them all the way until I retire!

  12. Mama Writes Reviews | 30th Oct 17

    I need to be better about organizing long term vs. short term goals. Too often, my short term goals become long term ones.

  13. Tania | 30th Oct 17

    I’m going to blog full time from January so I’m hoping to keep it full organised. Great post x

  14. Monica | 30th Oct 17

    I LOVE THIS! Staying focused and writing goals down has changed the way I do everything. It feels so good to check those goals off the list, and make you want to do more!

  15. Jennifer | 30th Oct 17

    Great post! I actually list my goals on my mirror in my bedroom so I see them as a visual reminder and then I add a quote underneath to help keep me motivated!

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