Selfies Showcasing Jewelry: tips + tricks

Hello Beautiful.

If you are in the business of showcasing jewelry or accessories on your social media platforms, you know just how important taking a good selfie with those pieces is.

You want your followers and (potential) customers to like how the pieces look on, so showing them being worn is a necessity.

But even with your customers in mind, you want to feel confident and pretty in your photos. No one wants to share a photo of themselves that they find unappealing.

So, let’s talk about how you can take selfies for your business and brand that will make you WANT to share those photos.

Sidenote: I believe in being authentic and do not condone in any way photoshopping ones features or body: altering shape, frame, or size. HOWEVER, I think if you’re being a professional that photo tricks + editing (filtering and such) is a must. And that’s what we will be discussing in this post, specific to showcasing jewelry in a selfie.


In taking a selfie, holding your phone or camera at a higher angle is going to give you a much thinner frame to work with. I’m going to give you some examples with earrings and necklaces.

In this photo above, I am showing me wearing an earring. I kept the camera at a lower angle, almost (but barely) pointing upwards. This angle allows for you to see my beautiful double chin. lol. Not so flattering.

Here, I took the camera and angled it slightly above. Not only does my face look slimmer but the earring appears to be hanging better and looks more appealing.

These pictures were taking seconds after each other but the bottom looks so much better. That is a photo I would be comfortable sharing. Unless you have a chin, neck, and jawline that you’re comfortable showing keep the camera above you.

My sweet spot is holding my phone in my hand pretty parallel to the middle of my forehead and then tilted looking downwards on my face. 

Another example.

Here is an example with a necklace. This picture above does show the necklace well but then again, there’s my lovely chins. My camera is lower, almost a direct shot on my neck.

Here is my sweet spot angle. This higher angle is much more flattering and even if you cannot see the entire necklace, there is enough shown that a customer would be able to see what it looks like being worn.

So keep that phone angled above you if you are looking to conceal some areas that you may not be comfortable with.


Natural light is always best. I actually stand in my living room for all my planned selfies and I take them in the morning to early afternoon.

After I take a few photos to choose from, I take the photo to the app FACETUNE2. 

There are a lot of things you can do with this amazing app. I use a few tools on every single one of my selfies and other photos.

The tool: SMOOTH and DETAIL. 

The smooth tool will make your skin look smooth and remove any unwanted blemishes you may have. It’s almost like an airbrush quality. I use this tool sparingly. You can use the SMOOTHER tool for a very airbrushed look but that’s not my personal style.

The detail tool will enhance whatever you use it on. If you want the customer’s eyes to go directly to an earring or the necklace you’re showing, this is a great tool for that. It’ll make the item stand out more than the rest of the photo.

Once I like the way the photo looks, I save it to my camera roll and then go into the app VSCO. 

VSCO will become your best friend.

This is the app that will filter your photos. I have one filter that I use on every single one of my pictures, to keep my brand looking cohesive and themed.

Choose which filter works best for you and that you like best, then my advice is to stick with it. 😉


Flat-lay photography is taking pictures of items on a clean surface and taking that photo from above. Along with selfies showing the jewelry being worn, one of the best ways to show the details of the accessories is by using flat-lay photography.


When taking selfies of your jewelry, you want the pieces to stand out. Wearing a bold top with a bold necklace will make your customers eyes not know where to focus.

Wear black, white, or a solid color.


I have to throw this in here because…well, I can’t help it. You are beautiful and as women, we can be extremely harsh on ourselves when it comes to our appearance. No matter what the scale says, how many chin rolls you have, or whatever else you may pick at about yourself it does not have anything to do with what defines you as a beautiful woman.

Your value and worth, your beauty, is so much more than what you look like.

If you’re taking selfies for your brand or business, please allow your beauty to shine without the lies of insecurities dulling your sparkle.


Styling jewelry is a blast and when you’re having a good time doing it, it’ll come through in your photos. xoxo.





  1. Dana Michael | 2nd Oct 17

    Jillian, this is great information in helping me showcase my jewelry for my business. I learned so much. These are great tips. I can’t wait to use. I also loved what you said about not letting insecurities to dull my sparkle. You are the best. Thanks for keeping me focused on what is important!! Xoxo

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