Happy Monday Beautiful Friends.

I love make-up, hair products, skin care, fashion. I love being girly but all these things only just enhance your already natural beauty. They’re all great for feeling beautiful BUT let me share with you the BEST beauty tip.

It’s called CONFIDENCE.

Confidence is knowing that your physical exterior is not what defines you as worthy, valuable, or awesome.

Confidence is knowing that even if society has issue with your looks or weight that those opinions have no place in your thoughts and life. YOU ARE AMAZING, no matter what the scale or society says.

Confidence is knowing that you have a purpose and even if no one else understands it or supports it, you have a calling and it’s important to pursue those dreams that keep you awake at night.

Confidence is being yourself, no matter what others may find as weird. You’re being true to your own awesome and unique personality.

Confidence is being able to support other women who may be more successful than you. You don’t feel insecure because you know that we’re all on our own journey and you can be genuinely happy for others.

Confidence is knowing that we all have a past, some are full of darkness and brokenness, but those choices do not define you. You’re moving forward, learning from your past errors, and staying focused on the amazing places you’re going now. Confidence, loving others as you want to be loved, is also not holding people to their past either…we all need the freedom to live in grace. 

Confidence is taking risks and being able to learn from the ones that fail.

Confidence is being able to shut your own insecurities up and not allow them to be placed onto others as their own truth. Too often we take our own doubts and insecurities and believe that everyone thinks those same things. Sweet friend, they are likely not thinking any of those things. Insecurities lie to you and want to keep you in a place of bondage. Shut the insecurities up, be awesome, and believe that others can see your value and worth…and even if they don’t, it doesn’t change the fact that you are AMAZING. 

Confidence is representing your Creator well: not being ashamed of the beauty, skills, talents, and personality He blessed you with. Shine on baby!

Confidence really is the best beauty tip. Looks, trends, and styles will come and go but a woman who is comfortable in her skin and shines brightly and boldly in her life, touching others…well, thats a woman who has a lasting and true BEAUTY. Let’s be those women. 😉


  1. Stephanie | 25th Sep 17

    I was NOT expecting this when I clicked on ‘The best beauty tip’ but I’m SO glad this is what I was greeted with! You nailed this! I absolutely love love love this! Thank you for such an inspiring article !!!!!!

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