Hello my beautiful Insta-tribe.

Instagram feels like a second home to a lot of us. We pour time, energy, creativity, and even money into it. We have friends and family that we connect to there. It’s our own space with endless posting possibilities.


Instagram can be sooooo frustrating. The follow-unfollow games, being shadowbanned, slow engagement, and so forth. We’ve all been there.

So since there’s some things we just can’t control, let’s talk about some things you can control, like these 2 LIES that a lot of Instagramers believe.

LIE #1. YOU HAVE TO HAVE MONEY TO HAVE GREAT CONTENT. #NO. This is just not true, this aint Pinterest. (Did anyone laugh there? lol.) No but seriously, you do not need to have an expensive lifestyle to make an impact in the Instaworld. My instagram is growing and I take 90% of my pictures in my tiny little apartment. I thrift shop all my clothes (with the exception of bras/panties and my shoes/jewelry). Starbucks is about as fancy as I get. I buy my make-up from Target. So, don’t worry if you don’t have a lot of money to go to restaurants or travel. Don’t sweat it if you don’t have designer clothes. YOU DO YOU. Put out the best content you can, with what you have. Now, there is nothing wrong with spending money on Instagram. Just don’t let the lack of funds stop you from putting your best foot forward and working your Instagram. You are amazing and have a purpose and that shines brighter than any material items ever could.

LIE #2. YOU NEED 10+ THOUSANDS OF FOLLOWERS TO BE AN INFLUENCER. I know someone is going to disagree with me here and that’s okay. Sweetie, I don’t care if you have 100 followers, if you want to be an influencer, then be one. You have an audience even if just one person is following you. Don’t hustle and stress to get this high following and only then put out great content…no, you need to be working your brand or business RIGHT NOW, just like if you did have 10k followers. Some of my FAVORITE Instagramers have 2,ooo+ followers and that’s small in comparison to the big dogs. You’re making an impact on whoever is choosing to follow you, so give them your best! AND, I don’t remember who said this but I heard someone say recently that what you do is who you are. So, if you paint, then you’re a painter. If you blog, then you’re a blogger. OWN WHAT YOU DO AND WHO YOU ARE. No one needs to validate you before you own your craft and your purpose.  

I can’t say it enough. You are on purpose and for a purpose. Use your unique gifts and skills, that beautiful personality of yours, YOUR smile and voice to influence and impact the world. Kick fear in the face with your cutest heels, stop looking back into the past, don’t believe the whispers of insecurity, face forward, and kick some major bootay!!! YOU ARE AWESOME.








  1. Beata | 15th Sep 17

    I think as long as we remember why we joined the Instagram in the first place (personally, it was for fun !), it all works well. Although I rebranded from personal account to a blog, and I treat it slightly differently now, I still enjoy every minute of it ! And the fun bits every frustration 😀

  2. Erin | 16th Sep 17

    Thank you for this encouragement! Sometimes I get annoyed by all of the things you mentioned and I think on it a lot. Been trying to not think about it all as much as before, but it is hard. I try not to compare, but sometimes it is a real struggle. I appreciate you and your content so much and all your encouragement… keep inspiring and influencing others!!!

  3. Kristi | 16th Sep 17

    Being the real you instead of trying to copy others is so important! Each person is unique and has a unique point of view. I love seeing all the unique perspectives.

  4. Chrissy | 18th Sep 17

    I love your message here! SO true. It’s hard to not get caught up in the IG world. This is a great reminder!

  5. Courtney | 18th Sep 17

    You always have the most encouraging posts! I love this…sometimes I get discouraged when I feel like I lack the resources, but you’re so right. Anyone can influence.

  6. Lauren | 19th Sep 17

    I absolutely LOVE this post. So true, stating real is sooooo important!

  7. Gillian | 19th Sep 17

    Thank you so much for sharing Jill. I was in the same boat. I have under 1k on my page and I sue to think I need at least 5k to start a blog/channel/facebook page. But that all went out of the window. Because it’s time wasted that I won’t get back.

  8. LaLee Bee | 19th Sep 17

    Thanks girl! You’re so right. Some IG’s are about living off the grid etc. You don’t need money, you just need to be interesting! And engagement is so key :). Not numbers!

  9. Steph @ Life at Six Knots | 19th Sep 17

    LOVE IT! And I love your positive attitude. So encouraging!

  10. Nicole | 20th Sep 17

    Great post! It can be overwhelming to try to keep up with changing IG algorithims, so I think having fun with it and being yourself are two great tips! Thank you 🙂

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