Christian Influencer, Selfies Are Important

In the Christian community, there’s been some debate over taking and posting selfies.

I have had girlfriends tell me personally that they believe women who post a lot of selfies must be insecure and seeking attention. Other girlfriends are all over the selfie game and have no problems posting pictures of themselves confidently.

As Christian women, we know that we shouldn’t be seeking affirmation and validation for our body and facial beauty in others. That confidence should come from knowing that the Lord finds you stunning AND being made in His image, you’re a beautiful creation.

We look at verses like 1 Samuel 16:7:

The LORD does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.

We know that beauty fades but a woman who fears God will be praised. Proverbs 31:30.

So, with Instagram and other social media platforms being so heavy on photos, how do you balance posting attractive pictures of yourself and keeping your focus on God’s truth for your body and appearance?

As bloggers, authors, entertainers, business women, stylists, etc. our face is an important thing to show to build trust between your followers and yourself. No one wants to see an Instagram account or a blog and have no idea who is behind it.

We want to see a face and know who we’re investing our time and money in.

Selfies are an important part of being an influencer.

Selfies are used and needed for showing off an outfit, putting a face to a brand or business, displaying a product review, passing along a smile, capturing a moment to inspire and encourage others, sharing an event, putting a real facial emotion behind a caption.

In this world of entrepreneurs, bloggers, influencers, brands, and businesses taking selfies is completely normal and in no way reflects your insecurities or your heart.

When you post a selfie and get a lot of positive feedback and comments, enjoy them but don’t live and breathe off of them. Jesus is your breath of life. Hearing that you’re beautiful or that your outfit is cute is always nice. Who wouldn’t want to hear those things? But we guard ourselves from becoming obsessed with getting those sweet comments by investing our hearts in Jesus and His truth daily.

When we’re filling up on God’s love for us, we won’t be so tempted to want to fill up on other people’s opinions.

Keep your focus on using your selfies and body shot images to further your brand and business.

A good rule for posting selfies is to have a real purpose behind them.

If you know you’re just wanting affirmations, maybe hold off on posting your picture and spend some time with God and talk to a trusted friend. Your heart is precious and those insecurity moments need to be dealt with in order to continue to grow into a healthier and more joy-filled woman of God.

Again, have a focused reason to post your photos.

And sweet friend, don’t let other people who may think selfies are lame influence you. I promise that a woman who judges another woman’s heart based off posting selfies only says everything about her own insecurities. Give her grace and know that God sees your heart and know’s what your goals and intentions are. The women in your tribe, like-minded women in this entrepreneurial world, will support and understand you.

You’re beautiful and you are the image of our Heavenly Father. There’s no reason not to show off His beautiful creation. I know Esther would have some selfies if that was a thing back in her day. All those months in beauty school…yea, she’d have some pictures to post. 😉

Esther 2:11-12

Don’t forget to have fun with your selfies!!! There’s a lot of cute ideas for some abstract angles and shots on Pinterest.



  1. Stephanie | 18th Sep 17

    Great blog! I actually completely agree with this. I find there is that divide between Christians were I have also received comments on my images on my IG. By all means I don’t post anything but G rated images however I do use my face and images to promote my business because well, I am my business! However I know for me I would never make these remarks towards another because how can you comment on someones internal security AND especially their relationship with God and their reasoning behind their selfies!

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