Self-Promotion for the Christian

Can I just come out and bluntly say it?

It’s silly to think that if you’re running a business or brand that you shouldn’t promote it because you should only be promoting God and nothing that appears to be self-seeking.

I understand the whole concept of living your life for Jesus and dying to yourself. Being a Christian for twenty years, I get it. But what we die to is our flesh, the desires to sin and the choices that lead to destruction.

Self-promotion is not a sin.

Self-promotion is not selfish.

I truly believe that anyone who says self-promotion IS a sin or something to stay away from is speaking from a place of fear and insecurity within themselves. God’s Word doesn’t say that being profitable is wrong.

God gives us talents to use for His glory and those gifts should be shared with others.

If you’ve written a book, how is anyone supposed to know to buy it if you don’t do promotions for it?

Being successful is not an anti-Christ achievement. That’s crazy talk.

Let’s look at the Proverbs 31 woman.

She makes sure her dealings are profitable;

her lamp burns late into the night.

Proverbs 31:18


The Proverbs 31 woman was a major Biblical entrepreneur!!!

You being profitable is a good thing. Give the glory to God and thank Him for using your talents and hard work.

I think people get stories like the rich ruler and Jesus a little mixed up. This rich young man asked what He needed to do to have eternal life. Jesus then quoted the commandments to him. The rich man responded that he already keeps those commandments. And then the Bible says that Jesus looked on him with LOVE (not judgement) and knowing full well the deepest parts of this man’s heart, said that he should go sell everything he owns, give it to the poor, and follow Him.

The rich guy didn’t do it. The Bible says he felt sad when Jesus said that. THAT right there is the issue. The LOVE of money. The LOVE of success. The LOVE of material possessions.

Matthew 10:17-27

If you’re following and serving God and are unwilling to give up something for Him that is when the heart check needs to take place. If you’re putting something, anything, before God that is an issue to deal with. 

That is not the same thing as promoting your work, business, brand, book, blog, or ministry.

God encourages us to work hard.

Col.3:23, Prov.12:11, Prov.13:4, Prov.12:24

(there’s a lot more)

Promote your work, get it out there. The more people you reach with your brand or product, the more glory you are giving God because you give Him the credit.

It’s all a matter of the heart and if your heart is in the right place, you’re golden.

If you struggle with the idea of promoting yourself or your work, I encourage you to figure out why. Is it because you’re afraid that success will go to your head? Are you worried you’ll forget God and start letting ego lord your life? Check the deeper reasons you may struggle with this.

Maybe, just maybe, satan has a hand in it because the more you promote your work, the more awesome will be out there in the world, effecting change…and of course he wouldn’t want that.



  1. Bailey | The Thin Place | 5th Sep 17

    I love this! Self-promotion is how we work hard and do everything with all of our might. If we simply leave things, we are laboring in vain and not giving God our best.

  2. Alice Mills | 5th Sep 17

    I do struggle with it, but more because of my personality than because I think it is wrong. I also ask the Lord to promote me. After all, He called me.

  3. Justine | 5th Sep 17

    I’m glad to read your tale on this subject. As a Christian Blogger I sometimes feel bad promoting my projects, but I agree tha twe shouldn’t! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Erin | 6th Sep 17

    Love this thought so much!!! I think God is proud of us when we work hard and especially if He called us to do what we are doing! Thanks for the encouragement!

  5. Meghan | 6th Sep 17

    Love this, and the comments as well. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Lori | 6th Sep 17

    What a solid view of this promotion stuff – and I agree that it’s a love of money (making it an idol) that is banana peel of concern for the Christ follower. Being aware of our motivations and staying close and connected to that quiet whisper of God to direct our paths is where we weigh our motivations. Oh, and thank you for pointing out the Proverbs31 verse – so true!

  7. Ruth van den Brink | 7th Sep 17

    I love the thoughts you have put out here.This is one of those areas which require honest examining of your heart…not a rule. And that is hard. I think that is why it is so important to have others around you, whom you are accountable to, in order to be faithful. I think too, that promoting material which is helpful to others and a blessing (in finanacial means for your family etc as well as to others) is different to promoting yourself. There are too many people in this world who are in positions of influence merely due to their marketing team rather than actual talent and giftings. (thinking particularly of the secular world but Christians can fall into this trap too.) Just some thought…

  8. Karen | 7th Sep 17

    Self promtion is so hard but so neccesary! I had a tough time with this when I first started my blog, but now I understand that it’s so critical!

  9. Rosy | 7th Sep 17

    What a powerful message! Thank you 💞

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