Hubby & Kid Approved TACO SOUP

Happy Monday!!!

September is here and in my house that means that it’s time for pumpkins, cozy meals, extra layers, and Fall everything. We don’t even go by the weather outside, lol, in my house it’s FALL time. 😉

Yesterday I tried out a recipe I found on pinterest and I’ve got to tell you, with my little tweaks, it was FABULOUS. My husband had three helpings and kept saying how good it was. I thought it was worth sharing.

First off, here’s the website I got it from.

The taco seasoning + shredded cheese I used isn’t pictured here.

Basically you cook up the meat. I didn’t measure it out. I just made a skillet full of ground beef but I’m sure hot sausage would taste AMAZING.

While you’re browning your meat, add the cream cheese (2-80z. packages) and Rotel (2 cans) to your heating crockpot.

Add taco seasoning. (add as much as your tastebuds can handle)

Drain grease from your meat and add it to the pot.

4 cups of chicken broth.

Let cook for 4 hours on medium heat or 2 on high heat. I went and stirred it probably 4x in the 2 hours it was cooking.

Now what I did differently was add 3 big handfuls of shredded cheese to the pot and let that cook for another 10 minutes. I thought the chicken broth was a little too runny and we wanted a thicker soup, so I added lots and lots of cheese.

I also threw in some cilantro.


It also made A LOT!!! We’ll be having leftovers for lunch so pull out your larger crockpot to make this recipe. I bet if you added a bit of sour cream to the top and ate with tortilla chips it would be even better!!!



  1. Bethany | 4th Sep 17

    Adding it to my list!

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