UNSUBSCRIBE from these 5 things TODAY.

Hello beautiful.

We’re gonna make this like ripping off a band-aid. Quick, Easy, and possibly a little painful. I promise that unsubscribing from negative people and things in your life may not always come easy but it’s usually needed and worth it in the long run.

  1. GOSSIPS. RUN RUN RUN…Just take off. Seriously, if someone starts sharing personal information about someone else and it’s negative and yucky, just turn and walk away. Actually the thought of you physically taking off running from a gossip, without explaining is a hilarious image. But for real, how long are we gonna deal with this? It’s so mean and ugly, it causes SO many issues and it’s unnecessary. If it’s not your story to tell, keep your mouth shut. If you’re involved then just share your side and leave the negatives about others out of it. Let’s be above this ladies. Words really can do as much damage as sticks and stones.
  2. DRAMA. Not the theatrical kind, we should be subscribing more to that kind. 😉 DRAMA where there’s conflict and gossiping and hating and judging and cliques and meanness….blah, UNSUBSCRIBE. YOU DON’T NEED IT. Just stop participating. Stay out of it. Do your best to resolve the situation and be done.
  3. NEGATIVE PEOPLE. This one can be tricky because sometimes it’s people we are forced to work with (maybe even live with) closely. The point is, don’t open yourself up to these people. Guard your heart here. Some people walk the path of misery and they are pulling anyone and everyone along with them. Love them, be a servant, but keep your boundaries healthy and consistent. Do not participate in their conversations that are ugly and do not let their negative opinions sink in. PRACTICE STRONG BOUNDARIES HERE.
  4. SELFISHNESS. My b.f. Jaala came up with this one and I love it. So many times we fall into the trap of consumerism and the lies that we need need need…more more more to be fulfilled or happy. UNSUBSCRIBE NOW. You have so many blessings and you do not need anything to fill you up materially. This is a trap because once you get that item, I promise that joy is short lived and you’ll be feeling the need to get more to feel satisfied again. It’s a bad cycle to partake in and it’s selfishness. STOP TAKING FOR YOURSELF. Sit back and look at your life. I am a Christian and believe 100% that Jesus is the only one who can truly satisfy. Everything else is only filling to a point. God’s love and grace overflows. It’s a beautiful image. If you’re not a believer, take in the blessings you have and pour out goodness into others. I have found personally that the less I focus on self, the more joy-filled I become.
  5. BUSYNESS. This one comes from my fabulous sister, Bethany. So many times we feel overwhelmed with all the many things we have to get done during our days. Have you ever sat down and either written out or just heavily reflected on what you’re ACTUALLY spending your time on? What are you doing that is taking up precious time that is not necessary? UNSUBSCRIBE FROM PETTY TIME WASTERS and be intentional with how you’re spending your hours. If you feel like you have no time but you’re spending 30-60 min. scrolling through FB…UNSUBSCRIBE. There is always time for the fun stuff when the priority stuff is done. Boss Mode.




  1. April Flavio | 23rd Aug 17

    Loved this and needed this today!
    Overwhelmed 😉

  2. Lureta | 23rd Aug 17

    Love! Love! Love! this post!!!
    So true sister. Let us cut the junk!

  3. Lureta | 23rd Aug 17

    Love! Love! Love this post! Amen sister…let us cut the junk!!

  4. Sara Lewis | 23rd Aug 17

    Right on! FB scrolling is a big one. It’s so addictive!

  5. sue | 23rd Aug 17

    loved this and you say it like a boss (w/ grace!)

  6. Casey the College Celiac | 24th Aug 17

    YES! Great motivation for what I need to “unsubscribe” from this weekend. I’m adding self-criticism/negative self talk to my list…

    • Jillian | 24th Aug 17

      self-criticism is a GREAT one to unsubscribe from…adding that to my list too. 😉

  7. Laura | 24th Aug 17

    This is one of the most clever posts I have read in a while!

  8. Marie | 24th Aug 17

    LOVE this. I’m a firm believer in ditching busyness — I’m someone who needs dedicated down time.

  9. Andy Schwartz | 25th Aug 17

    Gossips and Drama go hand in hand as the biggest wastes of time and energy. These were awesome. On a side note, I love the look of your blog, you’ve done such a good job with the unified colors and style. Really pretty!

    • Jillian | 25th Aug 17

      Thank you so much. <3 I appreciate that.

  10. Taylor || The Millennial Sprinkle | 25th Aug 17

    Loving this post for so many reasons, but mostly because it is SO REAL. I am always unsubscribing from different things, but these are the things that are really cluttering up our lives! Will definitely be unsubscribing. Thanks for this lovely inspiration!

    xo, Taylor (thesprinkle.tayloramead.com)

  11. April Kitchens | 25th Aug 17

    Loved this post. I’ve been unsubscribing from being busy. I home school my daughter and sometimes we need days where we aren’t so busy.

  12. Jessica Joachim | 26th Aug 17

    I love this! It is so important to cut all of this out for good, especially fake friends I think.

  13. Kristin | 26th Aug 17

    Yes yes yes!! These are so true! Getting negative people out of your life is so incredibly important it can change your whole life!

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