Mom Boss: Your Children Are Your 24-7 Customers

Weird title, right? lol.

I even felt weird writing that my children or anyone else’s are their customers but there’s truth behind this.

This post was sparked by a moment…

I snapped a photo of this very sweet moment between my littlest one and myself. I was in my bed, working on my computer, and my little one climbed into bed with me, her little book in hand. I was thinking she was getting ready to ask me to read it to her.

She flipped it open sideways, looked up at me, and said: “We’re the working girls.” and she pretended to type on the inside cover of her book. It made me smile.

Our children are always watching us and soaking in what we’re putting out. Like a customer, they are buying into what we are selling.

I want to sell to my daughters that…

  1. GOD IS ALWAYS GOOD. This has to be my first. It’s probably the truth I carry around in my heart and reflect on the most. I have to in order to survive. That never changes, no matter how chaotic and crazy life can get. He never abandons us and He is always willing to be our comfort and shield.
  2. MOMMY WORKS HARD TO FULFILL HER CALLING. I don’t EVER want my children to believe that I work long hours into the night, entrepreneur-ing, in order to make a ton of money. Sure, the money is a huge part of it but my reason is because God has placed a calling on my heart. I want to pursue that. Our callings are not all the same but for this specific post, for the mommy who is Lady-Bossing: growing her brand, working her business, writing a book, coaching a team, running a group…YOU’RE SHOWING YOUR CHILDREN THAT YOUR PRIORITY IS OBEDIENCE TO THE PURPOSE GOD HAS PLACED ON YOUR LIFE.
  3. MOMMY’S ARE ALLOWED HOBBIES TOO. I used to be very misguided in my beliefs when it came to being a mother. I thought my entire life should be about serving my husband and children. There’s a lot of Christian women who will teach that passionately, the whole “help meet” thing. As I agree that being a wife and mother is one of the greatest jobs you can have and that God has a GREAT purpose for us women who carry those titles, I don’t believe God wants us to disappear behind the roles of WIFE + MAMA. No, He gave you specific gifts and talents to pursue and enjoy. Remember John 10:10, Jesus says HE DIED SO YOU COULD LIVE AND LIVE YOUR LIFE TO THE FULL!!!! You are allowed to pursue your passions. I want my oldest daughter to still love to get by herself and create art when and if she ever has a family of her own. I don’t want that talent in her to disappear because she’s only focused on the people around her. IT IS NOT SELFISH TO USE WHAT GOD HAS GIVEN YOU FOR YOUR ENJOYMENT AND TO SPREAD JOY TO OTHERS. Give God the glory, take up a hobby, this is still YOUR life my sweet friend. No mommy guilt allowed. They will love to see you enjoy your gifts and try new things.
  4. MOMMY CARES ABOUT OUR FUTURE. We work hard in order to provide. This is so important. My parents both had an extremely hard work ethic. I’ve never forgotten that. I want that to be something my children can say about Jacob and I one day. Smart women plan. The Proverbs 31 woman may have laughed at the future but she was one Biblical Entrepreneur and you know that’s one reason her family praised her. She planned, she got organized, she showed up to her life, she provided.
  5. WE CARE ABOUT SERVING OTHERS BY USING OUR PASSIONS. I try to be really good about explaining to my children what I’m doing when I am working. They know I have a blog where I encourage other women to be their best. When I was writing my book and spending some time alone with my computer, I let them be apart of the process at times. Especially with my oldest child, I explained to her certain devotions so that she knew what I was doing with my time and that it was time well spent. Whether you’re a BeachBody coach or you work at a department store, you’re serving others and that is apart of what working hard is about. I work hard, using my gifts, because I want other women to experience what God has been teaching me. I want other women to succeed. And I share that with my children.

Your babies are watching you work mama. You’re selling ideas and beliefs and concepts all the time. We need to be intentional about what those lessons are. Let them see you struggle because then you can tell them how good God is when He helped you thrive and accomplish something. Let them into your work life. It’s so much a part of the men and women they will become one day.

Happy Mommy Boss-ing. You’re awesome sweet friend. Don’t forget it.


  1. Jenny | 18th Aug 17

    Sweet! So true! Hope to be selling this to my children too! ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

  2. Samantha | 18th Aug 17

    This post has made me rethink the entire way I interact with my little one while I’m working. It never occurred to me to use it as a teaching moment to share values. Thank you!

  3. Amanda | 18th Aug 17

    This was beautiful and a great reminder why we are doing this and that it is ok!! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Kristi | 18th Aug 17

    That is the most adorable picture! And yes, I love your focus and your title. Our kids are watching us and they will imitate what we do.

  5. Laura | 19th Aug 17

    I just love this perspective! Our babies are watching!

  6. Brenda | 19th Aug 17

    Yep! We need to teach our children, especially our daughters!

  7. C Nelson | 19th Aug 17

    Yes children observe everything we do and it is so important that we are cautious of what we do and what we say when around them. Nice article

  8. Rebecca | 19th Aug 17

    I love this Jillian! Thank you!

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