HOW TO: Dress In Fall Fashion While Living In Warmer Locations

Alright all you little cuties…FALL IS COMING.

I was at Starbucks the other day and saw pumpkin loaf bread in their display case. It took everything in me not to buy it all. I love FALL and I don’t wait until the end of September to start dressing like it. I start September 1st! lol.

I grew up in FL. where you can totally argue that there are no seasons. 😉 And now I live in AZ. Both hot places, yes they cool down for the Fall + Winter, but it’s nothing like living in the midwest. I always miss living in Ohio when it’s time for Fall.

Point is, nothing is going to stop me from wearing my boots and scarves…not even warmer weather. So, here’s a HOW TO wear Fall Fashion while living in your warmer states. 

no.1: LEGGINGS. People have a love/hate thing with leggings these days. Personally, I am not a LulaRoe girl. No offense to the brand, I have a lot of girlfriends who sell them, but the patterns are not really my taste. You can buy really great leggings pretty inexpensively at stores like Target and Old Navy or totally rock your LuLaRoe. <3 

Try different colors and materials to find what you like. They’re great because you won’t feel like you’re burning up in them. They’re VERY Fall and yet will keep you feeling comfortable in the temperature department.

no.2: DRESSES with Boots. Dresses are DEFINITELY the way to go when you’re living in warmer states and want to still be in seasonal fashion. 

Wearing Fall colors will make you look so cute and Fall-ish, everyone will be complementing your outfit. I love wearing dresses with knee high boots. It creates a super cute look while still feeling like you’re not all bundled up.

no.3: SCARVES ARE YOUR BESTIES. Invest in these!!! You can doll up a summer dress even and still look very Fall-like.

no.4: DENIM JACKETS. This is something you may want to spend a little more money on. A good denim jacket will last you a long time. Buying one that’s not super heavy will allow you to wear it this Fall season and not burn up while doing it. A denim jacket goes with almost everything.

no.5: Short sleeve tops are still A-OK! WEAR WITH BOOTS. You do not have to be wearing long sleeves and layers to be in style. It’s warmer where you are and so wear your tanks and Tees. Grab some leggings or a skinny jean, put on your boots and *snap* perfect Fall outfit.

I’m SO excited to start seeing all you dolls in your Fall looks. Happy Fashion-ing. xo.


  1. Ell | 16th Aug 17

    I love this! That bright orange dress is so stunning and perfect color for fall! I live in New England so the fall weather is always perfect! But I could incorporate these too! Great post 😍

  2. Amanda Legault | 16th Aug 17

    Wearing anything with boots is a great way to make it a much more autumnal outfit! That’s an awesome tip that a lot of people just don’t know but it’s a goodie. Great post!

  3. Lauren | 16th Aug 17

    Great tips! I love in NJ where we have winter for like 6 months and it’s brutally freaking cold!

  4. Dee Ervin | 16th Aug 17

    I love scarves! Living in Texas I can only wear one 2months out of the year lol. Great post.

  5. Shanshan | 16th Aug 17

    This is very useful! I live in Texas and really need these tips to promote the fall clothing line of my sponsor.

  6. LaToya | 16th Aug 17

    Omg, I wish I had this problem lol here in Connecticut. But I love the styles, fashionable, fall and cute!

  7. Crystal Simmons | 16th Aug 17

    I live in AZ too! It is so hard to rock fall fashion here. Great tips! I’m going to give these a go!

  8. Mariss | 16th Aug 17

    Dresses with boots is always my go to! Great tips I will definitely be keeping them in mind!

  9. Charnel Graham | 16th Aug 17

    Definitely great ideas. If I lived in a warmer state I’d forsure do the dresses with boots and for sure leggings

  10. Jasmin Atwood | 16th Aug 17

    Love this! I live in hot as hell Moab Utah, and it pretty much goes straight from summer to winter here. Fall is my FAVORITE so it sucks for me lol. I’m definitely gonna try a few of these outfit combos out! I have a denim jacket in my closet calling my name 😉

  11. taylor | 16th Aug 17

    I live in texas too and its sooo hot! looking forward to trying out some of these tips!

  12. Sydney | 16th Aug 17

    Fun post and great tips! I like how you make Fall clothing work for you wherever you are!

  13. Brittany | 16th Aug 17

    Love this! I live in LA which is hot most of the time so I could use these tips

  14. Dana Michael | 17th Aug 17

    Love this!! Thanks girl!!

  15. Charlie | MississippiMom | 17th Aug 17

    Great tips! September is SO HOT in Mississippi, but the fall outfits are so cute! I always sweat through my first pumpkin spice latte of the season because I am going to drink it…even when it’s still 90 degrees outside!

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