Hello my fellow Instagram babes…and bros.

I LOVE Instagram. It is my favorite social media and I have been learning so much about how it all best works for building you brand + business.

I used to be the girl who sat in on webinars and didn’t really believe that I could grow my own following but by working my Instagram, it has definitely worked for me. 

Now, I have JUST started out. I opened up a new Instagram profile in Jan.2017 and it wasn’t until this last May that I decided to start taking it seriously.

In just under 3 months, I went from having 500 + followers to over 1,300+. So, I know it’s possible to grow.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that you have to show up on Instagram for it to work for you.

I personally post 1-2x a day and usually around the same times. That’s 30-60 photos a month. I like to use my own photos and so that’s a lot of new pictures to have to take and then post.

Here are 5 great tips for never running out of content.

NO.1: PLAN AN INSTAGRAM PHOTO-TAKING DAY. This is SO much fun. Make sure you have a charged battery on your iPhone or camera, jump in your car, and GO! Go travel around your city or to a new place. Take pictures of what inspires you. I am about to do this later on today. Now the key is to be focused on things that fit into your brand and theme.

For myself, I love posting pictures of flowers. So, I’ll drive around and take multiple photos of different trees and flowers that I think are beautiful. Or if you’re a fashion blogger, pack a few outfits in your car and go find backgrounds to take different photos at. For me, all my #OOTD (outfit of the day) photos are shot and posted in real time, on the actual day I am wearing it. (Same with any beauty shots I take) That’s only because my style is to take a picture looking down at my feet. I don’t need to pre-take photos for my fashion posts but some of you may. Why not bust some of these photos out in one days time and have ready content for your month?

Remember to stay true to your brand. If you’re a foodie blogger and your Instagram is primarily pictures of food, posting a random photo of a cute dog isn’t going to look right. Again, be intentional with the places you go and what you’re looking for to take pictures of. BE CREATIVE. Be ADVENTUROUS. 

NO.2: KEEP YOUR FINGER + TOE NAILS PAINTED. Don’t skip this one. lol. Alright, let me say that I am not a judgmental person. I don’t ever want to be a woman who looks down on anyone for their appearance. With that out of the way, if you’re attempting to build your brand or business then you need to be putting your best foot forward. If you’re a lifestyle blogger/influencer, then you know that a lot of your pictures are showing what you’re doing in your life: holding a cup of coffee, dipping your feet into a pool, showing a new product, etc.

It kinda ruins the look and feel of a photo if you have chipped colored nail polish while holding something pretty and lovely. This is just my advice, take it or leave it. But remember, you’re sharing a niche with thousands of other women. What makes your photos stand out? Make sure you’re posting your best.

This is on the list because you never know when you may have a perfect photo moment. Maybe you’re hitting up Starbucks and need a photo for your day. Coffee pictures are always popular on Instagram and so there you are, and you’re wanting to take a pic of your Caramel Macchiato but your nails look chipped…photo not as cute as it could have been. Always be ready for that photo moment and you’ll be willing to take more photos to then post that day or sometime in the future. 

NO.3: POST PICS OF THE “NATIONAL *BLANK* DAYS”. These are so much fun and they will provide you instant content. You can find the website here >>>> CLICK HERE

Every month there are daily holidays as silly as National French Fry Day. Perfect way to get some fun photos into your Instagram that everyone can basically enjoy and relate to. Remember to keep even these photos in line with your Instagram theme. For example, if you’re a book blogger and your Instagram is all about books and writing, you could post a picture at a restaurant with the fries next to an open book and write a cute caption like : Fries Make Great Company When Reading. 

NO.4: LET PINTEREST BE YOUR GUIDE. Remember that there really aren’t any new ideas under the sun. It’s totally okay to be inspired by what others are doing. If you’re feeling stuck, go on pinterest and search different things like instagram ideas, lifestyle pictures, mommy and me photos, etc. A lot of different images will show up and maybe they’ll inspire you for your own great content. Try not to copy an image exactly. Throw your own flair into it.

NO.5: STOCK PHOTOS CAN BE YOUR BESTIES. Now this is a total choice. I particularly do not like using stock photos on Instagram, only because I am REALLY enjoying taking pictures and it’s like my own personal challenge to have the photos I post be mine. I do use them for some of my blogpost headers. BUT it is 100% completely okay and sometimes brilliant to use stock photos for your Instagram content. So many great Instagrams are full of bought or free images that are beautiful and still within their brand/business theme.

HAUTE CHOCOLATE is a GREAT site to use for stock images. They are BEAUTIFUL and there’s so many options to choose from.

There are also free ones like PIXABAY AND UNSPLASH.  

By using stock images, you won’t be freaking out about taking 30-60 photos a month. You’ll have access to already styled pictures that work with what you’re putting out.

I hope this helps and gets you excited about posting on Instagram. Jasmine Star, a huge Instagram influencer said in one of her webinars: Successful women show up! So show up, every day or at least often, on your Instagram and showcase your awesomeness.



  1. Annette | 12th Aug 17

    Great ideas here! I loved Jasmine’s webinar, too. Thanks for sharing; I’ve bookmarked this post.

  2. Christina Price | 13th Aug 17

    Very helpful to this new blogger 👍🏽

  3. Andrea | 13th Aug 17

    LOT of great Instagram tips – but to be honest with you, I’m still tryin to figure out how I could use it…

  4. Edie | 14th Aug 17

    Great ideas! I know I haven’t fully taken advantage of Instagram so this is helpful.

  5. Sue | 14th Aug 17

    I Never left you a comment on your blog.. so here I am Mama of Three boys. I love your IG you know that already! And these are great tips here. Thanks for sharing. I suck at getting any click throughs, and I’m about to give up x 2. Let’s see where the next month takes me.

  6. Yolanda | 14th Aug 17

    Really great ideas here. I love the thought of going our all day and taking loads of great photos that can be sed later. I am definitely doing this 🙂

  7. Claire - StartACraftBlog | 14th Aug 17

    these are great ideas! Instagram wasn’t driving traffic to my blog so I decided to give up on it and focus my efforts on Pinterest and Facebook.
    Your eye make up is just lovely in your image and I love the photo of you holding the book in the air. 🙂

  8. Nicole | 14th Aug 17

    Great ideas to keep the creative juices flowing!

  9. Amanda | 14th Aug 17

    This was so helpful! I’m new to blogging and hadn’t started to plan anything for Instagram yet so this was very valuable in knowing where to begin!

  10. Laura | 14th Aug 17

    I love this post! I like the idea of having a photo day 😀 When I first started instagram for my blog I found it really hard to come up new and great photos everyday! I found another good tip is to create your own quote pictures, they’re super easy to make and people love a good quote 😍

    Laura xx


  11. Leah | 14th Aug 17

    I always get stuck with what to post on Instagram, thanks for all the tips these are perfect!!

  12. Natalie Ford | 14th Aug 17

    Ooh I love your Ideas!! And totally agree about having fingers and toenails polished! It’s not about being judgemental but setting a good impression! I love the idea of an Instagram day!! I think I will do this with my toddler in tow this week. I’m off to check out that site on World days now!! Thanks for the tips! Great post! ☺️ xxx

  13. debra | 14th Aug 17

    Great tips……I will have to start “working” insta for it to work for me!

  14. Kelsey | 14th Aug 17

    Great ideas. I get some brainfarts through the week but I’ve started using Sunday as my planning day. It gives me an outlook of what photos I can take and where

  15. Mary Leigh | 14th Aug 17

    These are all really great ideas! I love the idea of a photo shoot day! I do try to be intentional about snapping quick photos when something inspires me even if I know it will be for later use!

  16. Heather | 14th Aug 17

    Jillian – Really enjoyed this post! Informational to say the least!! Thanks so much!

  17. kate | 15th Aug 17

    I’m an IG rookie – just breaking into it- but these were great tips! I’ll def. put into practice when I start getting into IG a little more! Good to know stock photos are ok! 🙂

  18. Amanda at The Light Owl | 15th Aug 17

    Using insta as a blogger is so different than using it as a non blogger so I’m still learning. Thank you for giving me lots of ideas! I like the idea of a photo shoot 🙂

  19. Joanne | 15th Aug 17

    Stock images…genius!

  20. Mihaela Echols | 15th Aug 17

    I absolutely love instagram too! It’s so true about keeping nails looking good! I dont post hand shots with chipped nail polish. I also use pinterest to help inspire me.

  21. Keri | 15th Aug 17

    Love these ideas! The nails is so true! Makes a difference!

  22. Jasmin N | 15th Aug 17

    Oh, thanks for the tips! I should really find my way through planned content in Instagram. Now I actually do have a chance, posted a picture that makes me able to which ever direction I like 🙂 I should find my notebook and plan something!

  23. Brenda | 15th Aug 17

    Great tips! I especially love the idea of going to Pinterest for inspiration.i mean, we’re all copying each other anyway, right?

    • Jillian | 15th Aug 17

      hahaha basically lol

  24. Sharon | 15th Aug 17

    Great post! I’m going to use these as I’ve definitely struggled with ideas.

  25. April Kitchens | 15th Aug 17

    This is a great post! I definitely agree with keeping your hands and feet painted, and the national holidays make fun pictures!

  26. Nadia | 16th Aug 17

    I am trying to do my best and put a lot of work into my Insta recently so these tips are more than appreciated! Love the idea of having a day dedicated to Insta pics. I would probably struggle with that but even a few hours whenever I am free would probably do the track 🙂 Being consistent is what I need to work on as well. Many thanks for sharing this post and your tips, Jillian.
    xox Nadia

  27. Julia | 21st Aug 17

    Awesome tips Jillian! I love your idea of the “picture taking Day”. Definitely will keep that in my repertoire. 🙂 keep being awesome!

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