5 Ways To Make Monday Better

  1. I know it’s not Tuesday but “TREAT YO SELF!” and I’m thinking COFFEE. Start your day getting Starbucks or stopping at a local cafe for a cappuccino OR stop and get an afternoon pick-me-up pastry. This is your MONDAY. Make it a little more upbeat with a yummy treat.
  2. Dress up, Show up. You will be more productive if you feel pretty and put together. Even if you know you’re not leaving the house, pass on the yoga pants and slip on some jeans and a cute top. You don’t have to glam up but dress in a way where you could leave the house spontaneously and feel fabulous. Trust me, you’ll get more done with this little tip.
  3. Organize your week. Sit down and get out your planner and pretty pens and organize your thoughts into your calendar. You’re going to feel so ready for the week and even if something is coming up that makes you feel anxious, you’ll be prepared for it. A to-do list, a dinner menu, errands, reminders…write it all out. You’ve got this!
  4. Schedule a bath. Don’t roll your eyes. I mean it. Schedule an evening bath. This bath is for when your kiddos are in bed and your dishes are done…there’s nothing left to do in the evening but relax and get ready for bed. This bath…a hot bath…is your cool down. Put on some Elton John or maybe set up your phone (FAR AWAY from the bathtub) and throw on Netflix. Light some candles and relax sweet friend. It’s the beginning of your week. Take the bath.
  5. SMILE. THIS ONE IS SERIOUS. The prettiest girls are the happiest ones. Your smile is so beautiful and it’s contagious. SMILE. If you’re not feeling bubbly, go watch some sappy or funny YouTube videos, read some encouraging verses, call a loved one and just chat, do something nice for someone…your smile will come to you. Even if you’re carrying some burdens and life seems chaotic, there’s always something to be thankful for. Don’t let satan rob you of your smile. Use it. xo.


  1. Shelby Spear | 7th Aug 17

    Simple and sweet list…all things we often gloss over in our scurrying about. Thank you!

  2. Lori at Encourage Your Spouse | 7th Aug 17

    What a great list! The third and fourth are my favorites – I would never have thought about scheduling a bath… brilliant! 😉

    Rob and I are working on our weekly schedules – to make them more relationship friendly. We’ve realized that if we don’t take control over our week, all the important (but not urgent) stuff gets left out! Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. The Barefoot Warrior | 7th Aug 17

    Well, hello there, Jillian! This is an EXCELLENT list you’ve got here! I particularly love #4. It’s honestly my favorite thing in the world! Candles, a book, a glass of Malbec perhaps, and quite often, Frank crooning in the background. Yup, the perfect ending to what could be, a mundane Monday. (Or, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday………)
    Lovely blog you’ve got here!

  4. Andrea | 7th Aug 17

    maybe something red when we dress – i know that helps me when i’m having an “off” day like that…

    • Jillian | 7th Aug 17

      LOVE that! Red is such a confident color.

  5. Jen | 7th Aug 17

    My favorite advice here…dress up! I always have a better bounce in my step with a great outfit and some makeup on!

  6. MARY | 7th Aug 17

    Organize your week and schedule a bath…love both of these ideas. I’m way more productive when I have a game plan in place before heading into Monday and I’ve never really thought to schedule a bath but I love that idea!…It always gets pushed off otherwise. 🙂

  7. Becca | 7th Aug 17

    Have my bright red lipstick on to tackle Monday. 🙂

    • Jillian | 7th Aug 17

      yaasss!!!! #girlboss xoxo

  8. Jamie | 7th Aug 17

    #2 has been so important to me as an entrepreneur! It’s so easy to stay in PJ’s knowing no one will see me all day, but boy does my productivity sky rocket when I put real clothes on 😉

  9. Leanne Brookes | 7th Aug 17

    Love this list! I always treat myself to breakfast in a cafe on a Monday, and I try to dress a little less slob-like. Also, I love the notion of smiling, because it’s so true about it being contagious! Thanks for sharing, Leanne

  10. Laura | 7th Aug 17

    Dressing up a little always helps the day go better! 🙂

  11. NaturalSkinGuides | 7th Aug 17

    I love starting Mondays with a little Treat Yo Self treat! Makes it easier to tackle the week when you look forward to it 🙂

  12. Krissy @thoughtfullyunraveled | 7th Aug 17

    Such a great list and suggestions! I’m a fan of the treat yourself option. Always a great way to brighten the day.

  13. Maritza | 7th Aug 17

    Smiling….cause it’s Monday! 🙂

  14. Candice | 7th Aug 17

    Great tips!! I really believe how you start your Monday really sets the tone for your week <3

  15. Rachael | 7th Aug 17

    I like the scheduling a bath. My hubby knows when it’s a bath night for me. He can see it on my face when he walks in. He is so amazing. On those nights, he handles dinner cleanup and bedtime so that I can slip away. Then I’m in a much better mood for when we get to spend time together. Win-win!

  16. Elaine | thisgratefulmama.com | 7th Aug 17

    Helpful, practical tips! Every Monday is better with coffee and all of these things. Thank you!

  17. Edith | 7th Aug 17

    Lovely! I love No. 5 best of all. It’s my secret weapon. Bless you!

  18. Simi | 7th Aug 17

    Love all these points! So true! Your attitude on mondays set you up for the week! Thanks so sharing

  19. Kristen Jones | 7th Aug 17

    Love these tips! Monday’s are my favorite day because I get to plan everything out for the week. Sometimes Monday mornings are super hard to wake up…especially on a rainy day like today, but coffee in hand, I’m ready to tackle the day!

  20. Mihaela Echols | 7th Aug 17

    There is something to be said about dressing up! I have been dressing up more or adding a piece of jewlery to my outfits and it has made me feel more put together.

  21. Lisa | 7th Aug 17

    Yes to organizing your week! I feel SO much better going into Monday when I have a plan for the week. Nothing makes me more anxious and grumpy than feeling like I’m flying by the seat of my pants and behind on everything.
    Great list! I think i might celebrate a successful Monday with a bath tonight. 😉

  22. Natalie Ford | 7th Aug 17

    Aah I love this! I’m not the biggest lover of Mondays but I agree that all of these things do make it better!! xxx

  23. Rhonda Swan | 8th Aug 17

    Unstoppable info. Thanks for the post!

  24. Marissa | 8th Aug 17

    Very great ideas. 🙂 I loved this post. It’s always good to treat ourselves on a Monday!

  25. Gabby | 8th Aug 17

    I LOVE taking a nice hot bubble bath on my Mondays! Helps loosen all the stress and make it less sucky!

  26. Jordyn Galan | 8th Aug 17

    ugghhh i need to take more bathes!!!!

  27. Leolynn | 8th Aug 17

    Best ways of beating Monday blues. I’ll use your tips and let you know how it’s going🙂

  28. Rhiannon Bosse | 9th Aug 17

    Ok so I totally take a bath EVERY day. I need to step up my Monday game and make Mondays feel a little more special. Maybe bubbles? I think so!

  29. Tara | 9th Aug 17

    love this list! simple, effective and totally achievable!

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