My Daily Social Media Schedule

Happy Day my sweet friends.

Tiny backstory. I decided in May of this year (2017, hello if you’re reading this in the future) that I wanted to be successful in the world of social media. In May, I had around 500+ awesome followers on Instagram and I started really working my brand there. Today, early August, just 3 months later I have over 1.2k followers who are all amazing. 

If you want Instagram and these other social media platforms to work you have to be working them!

And the great news is that it really does not consume your life. I spend maybe 30-45 minutes a day total on social media, working my brand, networking, etc.

If you have a business, a blog, or a brand SOCIAL MEDIA is your best friend.


Below is my social media schedule that I look to daily to keep me organized and on track. This doesn’t need to be anything lengthy (you can totally do that if you want). It’s a guide. Think easy peasy.

Note: This schedule should be tailored to your specific goals and focuses. Yours may look very different than mine.

My encouragement is to sit down and write out what you usually do daily and make it into an organized list. Then you can refer to it when you start your girl-boss hours and know what to do throughout the day.

P.S. The best thing you can do on social media is be genuine. Really comment on other people’s photos. You want to treat others the way you want to be treated. And you really can make some really amazing friends.


  1. Carol | 5th Aug 17

    Hi Jillian,
    Great tips! I plan to try out your schedule and see how I do. I tend to overdo it in one area and fail in others, so we’ll see how I do! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Sandra | 5th Aug 17

    You forgot to mention making my daily social media list PRETTY.
    Then again, you offer a great example. 🙂

    • Jillian | 5th Aug 17

      haha. My original is on a scrap piece of paper 😉 xoxo.

  3. Erin | 5th Aug 17

    Really great advise! Thanks so much! I have been trying a lot of these things and it is happening, by very slowly! I truly love my followers and try my best to be engaged! It is tough some days though and especially when school starts again- gonna use this later!

  4. Kenley Rowe | 5th Aug 17

    I just started my blog and will try all of these! Great post, thank you so much!!!

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