5 Goals For The Rest Of 2017

FRIENDS, my sweet sweet friends…it is not too late to make 2017 AMAZING…maybe even more amazing than it already has been.

Here are 5 personal goals I have for myself for the rest of the year.

  1. Get my eBook all ready for you to enjoy. Yes, I am writing an ebook and no giving it away but it’s gonna be awesome. Writing my first book taught me A LOT. It’s a small 31 day devotional, available on Amazon. This ebook is a huge priority to me and so keep on the look out for it.
  2. Travel to the beach. This is more of a personal pleasure goal. I need the ocean air. Insert Moana “It calls me”.
  3. Blog 2-3x a week.
  4. Stop drinking soda and drink more water.
  5. Become a Minimalist. This is a biggie and something I plan on blogging on in the future. My husband and I recently moved into a tiny apartment and simplified our lives a lot. After watching the Netfix documentary MINIMALISM, we are both hooked on the idea of living with less. I’m supposed to be tackling my wardrobe this weekend and maybe I’ll share that with you. It’s a lifestyle I am so on board with and I want to learn more.

What are some of your goals for the rest of 2017?




  1. Nina McClure | 3rd Aug 17

    These are great goals! Good work! One of mine is keeping up with my blog as well!

  2. Terri | 3rd Aug 17

    Awesome goals!! I’d like to blog full time in the future, so I’m hoping to post 2-3x a week too!!

  3. Megan b | 4th Aug 17

    I am with you on the minimalism. Have you noticed how much better and luxurious homes of minimalists look? I’m slowly working on it myself. So far every space that I have applied the minamilst philosophy to looks so much better now.

  4. Kendall | 4th Aug 17

    An ebook is a huge task! Good luck – can’t wait to see how it turns out.


  5. Bailey | 4th Aug 17

    Publishing an ebook is on my to-do list for the remainder of 2017 as well! Best of luck.

  6. Kristin Cook | 4th Aug 17

    Thankfully, I was able to go to the beach in May, but I really want to go again before fall. I grew up at the beach so I always crave it. lol

  7. Lydia | 4th Aug 17

    Oh I love this! I love setting goals for myself! I think I need to revisit my goals from the start of the year and see how I’m doing! Regular blogging and making an eBook are also on my goal list for the rest of this year! Thanks for this!

  8. Emily | 4th Aug 17

    That’s so awesome you’re writing an e-book! One of my goals is to start eating healthier!

  9. Morgan | 4th Aug 17

    Those are incredible goals! Best of luck to you 🙂

  10. Courtney CJ | 4th Aug 17

    I love this. I am actually committed to getting the manuscript for a book I’ve been meaning to write done. I’m not sure if you’re familiar but I joined the #AugWritingChallenge on Twitter and there’s a website- http://writingchallenge.org/, that can help hold you be accountable. I wish you the best of luck with accomplishing your 2017 goals. Cheers (with water)!

  11. Katherine | 4th Aug 17

    Love the goals you have set, they all sound great! Making an eBook sounds amazing so I wish you all the luck with that (and of course the rest of your goals) can’t wait to see how they turn out!

  12. White Hot Reads | 4th Aug 17

    I want to finish the book I’m working on and purge my house. I do this a couple times a year and it’s time again. I’m feeling cluttered mentally and emotionally and it means it’s time to physically declutter. This is a great post, thanks for sharing!

  13. Shannon Wong | 4th Aug 17

    Wow! Some fantastic goals! Best of luck!!

  14. Paige | 4th Aug 17

    I love the idea of your ebook! Good luck on getting it published this year – what an amazing goal!

  15. Elisabet M. Rinne | 4th Aug 17

    Great goals, good luck! 🙂 I have a dream and that is to work on with my blog and get a degree from the school where I am now. That’s more than enough more me and it depends on so many things but I will work of it!

    Elisabet | http://www.fashionpoetry.eu

  16. Elisabet M. Rinne | 4th Aug 17

    I left a comment but I can’t see it? :O 🙁

  17. Kelsey Pfeifer | 4th Aug 17

    Love these! Can’t wait to see it all happen!

  18. Morgan | 4th Aug 17

    Ooooo inspiring goals! Drinking more water has been my goal this year, and I accomplish that by ordering water at every restaurant & making sure to drink ALL of it — even as they keep refilling it! And kudos to you for writing a book; that is awesome!

  19. Gabriela | 4th Aug 17

    I also have small goals prepared every month to keep me motivated. How did it go for you in the first half of the year?

  20. The Makeup Reviewer | 4th Aug 17

    These are great goals. Drinking more water and blogging more often is definitely on my list😂

  21. nikki | 4th Aug 17

    Hope you reach all the goals you set great post

  22. Marie | 4th Aug 17

    We share several similar goals! I like this idea of sharing goal lists, etc. I know it’d definitely keep me more accountable.

  23. Nikki | 4th Aug 17

    I can relate to just about all of these goals!! All things I need to work on.

  24. Brittany | 4th Aug 17

    Looks like we have several goals in common! I think these are all very attainable with the right amount of discipline. Keep it up!

  25. Maritza | 5th Aug 17

    Yes! Never to late for goal! Agree. I also saw Minimalist and it’s been so rewarding decluttering and, for once, truly enjoying what you own.

  26. Mistle | 5th Aug 17

    These are great goals for the rest of the year!! I started drinking more soda recently and I was doing so good. I still drink a ton of water though. Good luck with these goals!!

  27. April Kitchens | 5th Aug 17

    We have similar goals. I’d love to blog 2-3 times a week and I’m working towards being a minimalist. I’m doing pretty good with minimalism so far!

  28. Candace | 8th Aug 17

    Wish you well with your goals. Cutting down on soda when you have the taste for it can be very hard.

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