5 Things The Show “GIRL BOSS” Reminded Me Of

If you’re even remotely paying attention to female entrepreneurs these days, I’m sure you’ve heard the term #GirlBoss or #BossBabe.

BossBabe is actually an AMAZING community made specifically for millennial business women. I have learned so much from their academy. Their Instagram >>> HERE is amazing.

#GirlBoss is a popular book written by Sophia Amoruso.

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and you can imagine my absolute excitement when I saw that GIRL BOSS had been turned into a show for Netflix. I totally binge watched it.

I honestly loved the show. Sidenote: the language is surprisingly strong and was uncomfortable at times. Use your own discernment when watching. I loved the character of young Sophia and watching her journey as a beginning entrepreneur. This feisty young woman quits her job and starts her own business selling vintage clothing on eBay.

Here’s 5 things that the show reminded me of…

  1. We All Have Choices. Watching Sophia take control of her life was inspiring. Yes, she’s a young thing adventuring into her adult life and I am a newly thirty year old wife and mom but she inspired me. She reminded me that I have the rest of my life before me and the outcome of my life depends on the choices I make. As a Christian, I encourage you to seek God and figure out what He wants for your life. We were all given unique and specific personalities and gifts to achieve the purpose God has for you. And once you know that purpose, you get to make choices. The gift of free will. Sometimes those choices are really scary and that’s when you just have to squeeze Jesus’ hand tighter and allow Him to just lead. But hey, be brave my friend. You got this because He’s got you.
  2. The Struggle Is Real. I loved watching Sophia’s lightbulbs go off as she decided she wanted to start her own business. Every entrepreneur goes through this. If you’ve ever started a blog or a new business, you know exactly the struggle of coming up with a brand that fits your dream. You know the struggle of setting up your websites, the agony you feel in just writing your social media bios. I laughed as the show showed this struggle and it made me feel apart of something. My tribe. The tribe of women who want to use their talents and gifts to start something bigger than themselves. I love these women. I’m glad I’m not alone.
  3. Girlfriends REALLY REALLY Matter. This is more of a “DUH!” example but watching Sophia and her best friend Annie together made me miss my own besties. Why can’t we all live in one big mansion instead of being separated in different states? God created us to need each other. Doing life with your friends makes all the difference. When you’re starting on a new adventure, it’s so much easier to take those brave first steps when you have friends and family by your side. When you fail, there’s a shoulder to cry on and a buddy to order take out with and veg until you’re over it and ready to start fresh the next day. It’s knowing that there are people who can believe in you when you are having a hard time believing in yourself. Iron sharpens iron. We need each other.
  4. Use Your Surroundings For Inspiration. No spoilers but Sophia uses her city to find the inspiration she needed to name her business and just like she believed it would, the city did not fail her. She traveled around and let her surroundings speak to her. I loved this. We have beauty all around us if we would just open our eyes, get outside, and be apart of something. When’s the last time you just went exploring? Let your city or a new city speak to you. Go smell the ocean air and breathe in inspiration, visit a new coffee shop and watch the people, visit an antique store and imagine all the stories that belong to the fragile and lovely items stocked on the shelves. Be Inspired!
  5. Don’t Waste Your Time On Sucky People. Again no spoilers here but I was reminded in a more abstract way to not let people hold me back. I hate it but for some reason there are just people out there who want to keep you down. They get in the way of your road to success and are energy drainers. They question you, doubt you and you know when it’s not coming from a loving place. Shake them off. We have to remember that when we die, no one will be standing with us when we go before the Lord. Living your life and making choices to make other people happy is a recipe for misery. I don’t know any people pleasers who are truly happy. They’re usually feeling taken advantage of, unimportant, tired… Live for an audience of One, THE ONE. The one who knows you better than anyone else and the one who knows exactly what your future looks like. He has made the path for you. Trust God and don’t let the negative people stop you from stepping out in faith, from being creative, from going for it.

If you choose to watch the show, I hope you enjoy it. Another warning because I just can’t help myself, the language and a few quick scenes are just not cute. Meaning it was too much for my taste. You’ve been warned. 😉

P.S. In the very very small to never chance that the real Sophia ever reads this, please know that I think you’re fabulous and incredibly inspiring. xoxo. 



  1. Alice Mills | 31st Jul 17

    I wish I had learned the last one years ago. Now I am always friendly but so picky about who can be my close friend. A bad friend takes time, energy, and life from you.

  2. Debbie | 31st Jul 17

    Great tips ,so relatable,I really wish I knew this earlier .
    Thank you for this.

  3. Kelsee | 31st Jul 17

    I totally agree we need our community aka friends! Love the way you write and instantly thought I need to follow this girl on Instagram but I already am!!

    • Jillian | 31st Jul 17

      haha. I love that. I’ll find you on there too. xo.

  4. Melissa | 31st Jul 17

    I have to read this book/watch this show! I find that I’ve explored my city in this same way and really taking everything in! 🙂

  5. Julia | 31st Jul 17

    I love this!! I just recently watched the show and can certainly relate a lot to it and the things you mentioned with starting my blog and other things!! : )

  6. Erin | 31st Jul 17

    Love this! Especially loved # 3 and # 5! Thankful for you and the friendship we are forming! It’s SO true that girl bosses need one another for support! You’re awesome, Jillian and I love your inspiring work!

  7. Heather | 1st Aug 17

    I now really really want to watch this show. It’s very inspiring to see people take charge of their life. ImYou also reminded me how much I need to find people that will support me in my pursuits and not bring me down.

  8. April Kitchens | 1st Aug 17

    The show was pretty good. Too bad they aren’t doing a second season. I picked up the Girl Boss book, excited to read it.

  9. Melinda | 2nd Aug 17

    That last tip is so true! who we surround ourselves makes such an impact on our lives.

  10. moumita | 2nd Aug 17

    The most important of all i guess that girlfriends really really matter. Awesome lines.

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