Jewelry Makes A Statement! So Does This Character Trait.

“I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit.”

–Michael Kors

Isn’t that quote fabulous!?

I love me some jewelry, especially necklaces and earrings.

Jackie Onasis said: “Pearls are ALWAYS appropriate.”

With the right necklace, you can take a plain white T and make it look fashionable.

“Jewelry is like the perfect spice – it always compliments what’s already there.”

— Diane Von Furstenberg

Just like jewelry can make a bold statement, so does being a woman who cheers on other women. I say this is a character trait because it’s something we should put into practice until it just becomes a natural part of our personality.

I was watching Legally Blonde the other night and it’s so amazing to me how Elle, the main character, is so supportive of the women around her. Even the women who are mean to her. She had such a strong sense of self and such a passion for other’s succeeding. That’s the kind of woman I’d like to continue to become.

Sadly, women really supporting other women, without looking to get something out of it themselves, is kinda rare. We too easily start a comparison game and want to feel like we’re coming out on top. We sometimes look for flaws in other women so that we can feel better ourselves. That behavior only feeds into our own insecurities, it inhibits the opportunity for authentic relationships to grow, and it’s counterproductive to what so many of us want ourselves.

We want other women to support us, so why do we sometimes have a hard time doing it for others?

I’d love for us, as women, to start practicing making bold statements of sharpening our fellow sisters in Christ. Putting ourselves aside and really looking at the other woman, lifting her up with words of encouragement, prayer, maybe taking her out to lunch or getting a pedicure. Sharing in her accomplishments, being the shoulder for her to cry on, getting involved in something she likes and takes interest in. What about supporting her business, taking her a meal, sending her a verse for the day. What is she pursuing that you could be a support in?

However you choose to support other women, let’s just go for it! Think how different the world, even just the church, would be if we put away the petty and envious ways and take on being true supporters of one another. With all the comparisons and bitterness out there, it makes a bold statement to be united, gracious, and truly love on one another.

Strong women carve out their earthly successes by helping other women succeed. They see their life-force as plentiful. Strong women help their friends surpass them with humility, not envy.The big picture is clear to them. -Aimee Barnes

What’s your favorite type of jewelry to wear?



  1. Paula @ I'm Busy Being Awesome | 26th Jul 17

    What a wonderful reminder. You’re absolutely right – we all need to genuinely support one another in our endeavors. Thank you for sharing. My favorite piece of jewelry at the moment is a sterling silver ring with the quote “she believed she could, so she did” engraved on the inside.

  2. Sarah | 26th Jul 17

    This is so true! As women we should be more supportive of one another- and our attitudes are just as important an adornment as any piece of jewelry we own…. and significantly more valuable!

  3. Natalie @ Milk & Honey Faith | 26th Jul 17

    I love your jewelry and style! You’re such a beautiful woman of God. You are absolutely right…we need to lift each other up! Be blessed 🙂

  4. Lara d'Entremont | 26th Jul 17

    Love your style and your godly character God is working in you ❤️ This is a lovely reminder that I needed today. So often we view others through the lenses of competition rather than as someone we are called to love and serve. Thank you for the post!

  5. Emily Susanne | 26th Jul 17

    Great post (and quotes)! I love how you combined faith and fashion in this post. Encouraging others can be so empowering even to ourselves! It shines a light for God that can never burn out. 😊

  6. Casey | 26th Jul 17

    Wonderful post!! And so so true! I wish we could get rid of comparison and jealousy and truly support one another. Definitely sharing!

  7. Casey | 26th Jul 17

    So true!!! I wish we could do away with comparison and jealousy and truly support one another. Definitely sharing!

  8. Mihaela Echols | 26th Jul 17

    My friend and I were talking about this the other day. Finding sister in Christ who sharpen your iron as well is hard and rare to find.

  9. Abby | 26th Jul 17

    Love your sense of style and more importantly your heart! Oh how our Father wants us to lift each other up and walk out our faith. Cheers to you for speaking truth and looking so beautiful doing it!

  10. Erin | 26th Jul 17

    Love this, sweet friend! Everything you said here resonates so deeply. I wish women viewed each other more as a sisterhood! We’re all in this together and we do have to focus more on supporting one another and always lifting each other up. A rising tide lifts all boats. And your tide is rising high! Love everything you write! Always so encouraging and beautiful! Just like you!!

  11. Deena | 26th Jul 17

    Helping others to succeed and fulfill their purpose in life is just like wearing pearls, always appropriate. Excellent, classy post!

  12. Masha | 27th Jul 17

    Love the quote by DVF!

  13. Brenda | 27th Jul 17

    Wow, what a great post! It is very important for us to support each other. It’s really sad that women in church don’t support each other more. I’m going to try harder to do this myself.

  14. Leslie | 27th Jul 17

    I am slowly getting into jewelery again, i lost myself for a while. I love statement pieces but i am more into druzy pieces. I love complementing women, it is hard enough in this world. I think we should support each other whenever we get the chance.

  15. Rosemerry Blash | 28th Jul 17

    I love earrings and necklaces. I love the idea of women helping other women.

  16. Shikha Pandey | 29th Jul 17

    Yes true 🙂 Great blog !! I loved reading it 🙂

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