The Amazing Power Of Getting A Haircut

Ok ladies, you’re watching a chick flick (I just refer to them as good movies) and the main female character gets dumped or loses her job. Her life is falling apart and she’s crying on her bed or walking in the rain with no umbrella, she feels lost, scared, hopeless….and then you hear it. The music changes as you see the heroine’s thoughts start to come together. The music picks up and you know it’s coming….


They are SO satisfying to me. Andrea Sachs in Devil Wears Prada gets a head to toe makeover and impresses her fashionista coworkers. Elle Woods in Legally Blonde jumps on her treadmill and studies hard, make-overing her attitude and mind. I LOVE THESE SCENES.

If you’re feeling blah or maybe you just came out of a bad breakup…maybe you’re starting a new career or you just had a new baby. (I chopped my hair after I gave birth to both my girls, I feel like it’s a thing.)

You need a confidence booster. Something to put a little extra perk in your step.

Honey, it’s time for a haircut.

It’s AMAZING how different you can feel just by getting your hair done. There’s almost magic in it.

It doesn’t need to be drastic, even though sometimes those are my favorite.

I recently took on a new job and am starting my own business. I have new black heels I’ve only worn once for like an hour, I have all this creative juice pumping, and this morning I walked into the bathroom (insert theme music: Natasha Bedingfield “Unwritten”) , I FELT like a bombshell but what I saw in the mirror deflated my confidence quickly. Messy hair. It looked like a birds nest on top of my head. Not cute. I knew I needed something new.

I wanted to look chic. Channel my inner Sophia Amoruso. There was only one answer: BANGS.

I feel like a new woman. Red lips, new hair, and I’m back to walking to theme music. This time it’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar. 😉 Throw in some hair flips and not only will you wanna tackle all your dreams, I promise you’ll be noticed. My husband is noticing me a little too much, lol, I had to lock myself in my bedroom just to write this post. I should go let him gush over me a little.

Remember that your beauty starts in the inside and flows out to your exterior. Heart beauty will always make your outward pretty that much more fabulous so remember to be kind, gracious, and loving. Let me know if any of you gets a new hairdo. I know it’ll give you that extra bit of sparkle you may be missing.



  1. Josee | 22nd Jul 17

    Omg I so agree with this! Getting a haircut feels so good! Feels refreshing and like a whole new person!

  2. Sarah | 22nd Jul 17

    I looove that fresh haircuit feel! It really boosts my confidence.

  3. Hayley Beth | 22nd Jul 17

    I always get a haircut and new style after a breakup. It’s almost like the hairdresser is sweeping that emotion away

    • Jilly | 22nd Jul 17

      yes!! love that!!! sweep away!!! 😉 xoxo.

  4. Amy | 23rd Jul 17

    Yes! I love a good makeover scene! I recently got one of the best haircuts of my adult life, I swear, and it changed my whole outlook.

    • Jilly | 23rd Jul 17

      I LOVE IT!!!! It really is like magic!!!! xoxo!

  5. Lauren | 24th Jul 17

    I love this! So true! I love getting a hair cut and keep up with it as much as possible!

  6. Casey Smith | 24th Jul 17

    Very cute! This makes me want to book an appointment right now!

  7. Antonia | 24th Jul 17

    This is so true! Whenever something big in my life is happening, I always get a haircut! It just makes everything feel so fresh and new! LOVE your bangs, btw! Great post!

  8. Milly | 24th Jul 17

    You should check out my Instagram page or Facebook. I love haircuts! Such a nice post. By the way you have prettt lips.

  9. mary-ellen | 24th Jul 17

    So true getting a hair cut can change your view of yourself even more than other’s view of you. speaking of which I need a new cut!

  10. Sydney | 24th Jul 17

    I love your writing style! I was immediately engaged when you talked about chick flicks loll I’m also obsessed with changing my hairstyle. Incredibly empowering indeed. Your hair looks great! It flatters your eyes!

  11. Staci Beth | 24th Jul 17

    #hitmewithyourbestshot …best female theme song ever!! And such a great post! Totally put a smile on my face!

  12. Chelsea-Rae Sane | 24th Jul 17

    Love it! I recently cut 8 inches off to donate in honor of my best friend that is battling stage 3 breast cancer. My hair is my baby, but how could I not do this for my friend!

    Total confidence booster, as well!

    • Jilly | 24th Jul 17

      That’s such a loving thing to do!!!! Such a good friend!!!

  13. Deb | 24th Jul 17

    I absolutely love a great haircut. Thanks for sharing

  14. Kelley | 24th Jul 17

    A hair cut is like an opportunity to reintroduce yourself to the world! I love it!

  15. Theresa Marie Daily | 24th Jul 17

    100% agree! I went through a bad breakup and right after I chopped my hair off & went blonder lol. It’s an amazing feeling!

  16. Mallory | 24th Jul 17

    Fresh cuts are my jam!!! I had my hair long for so long! I chopped it off after my wedding and felt so light and free!!

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